This will be my fleet for the North Island! Not 100% labeled yet with all the (sponsor) stickers, but it’s coming…!

I have just spent 3 1/2 days of hard work in the Lettmann factory. Thanks very much to the Lettmann family with Jochen, Martina, Klaus and Anne and to all their employees to host me in their factory and home and to help me upgrading, outfitting, fixing and fiddling with my five “FREYA” kayaks. It is like a bride’s outfit…it must have something old, something new, something bright, something blue…

I got in each kayak a solid Lettmann footrest installed, an electrical pump, some upgrading of the steering system and hundreds of pieces of ropes, bungees, nets, screws and bits and pieces.

I will paddle a Lettmann Speed wing paddle, size S and XS, 205 cm. Thanks to the Lettmann family to provide me the necessary paddles for my North American trip! They will also help shipping my kayaks over to North America. Thanks a lot for all!

The story of my “Freya” kayak model: Originally designed by Magnus de Brito, manufactured and sponsored by Point 65 of Sweden for the last 2/3 of my South American circumnavigation, I am still attached to and convinced about the great design especially made for (my) expedition needs – and the special rudder system. I want to keep on paddling this kayak also for the next decades, but unfortunately Point 65 decided already for 2016 to cancel all composite kayak production and to continue only with plastic kayaks.

Point 65 agreed in many e-mails to transfer the existing mold to Lettmann, and to allow them to manufacture my “Freya” kayak in future. Unfortunately, the mold transfer from China did not happen yet, though promised. Thank goodness I still had some in stock myself.  Perhaps, one day we may get my “FREYA” kayak produced by Lettmann – but sorry, currently it is nowhere available any more… :-(

Four kayaks are coming out of my private stock, one kayak is sponsored by Thanks to Steffen and Patrick to provide me the kayak! PLUS they agreed also to support me financially for the years to come! Many thanks! Btw., they have just one red fibreglass “FREYA” kayak left…maybe the last new one on the world market?

First it was South America…now it is North America!

First it was South America…now it is North America!

“No.3 – The North Island”



“No.3 – The North Island”

Never Start Stopping – Never Stop Starting

- Press Release -

This expedition around North America will be Freya’s third continent and her challenge for the next 8-10 years. It is impossible for her to judge how long it will take to complete.

The distance is roughly 50.000 km/ 30.000 miles, to be paddled in blocks of 3-5 months on and off the trip. It’s another mind-boggling and insane long distance trip – tougher and longer than Freya’s first and second continent trips combined.

Freya will paddle in two half loops, starting twice in Seattle and finishing twice in New York City. She’ll paddle northwards half of the year’s trip time and southwards the other half .

From Canada to Panama – through the North West Passage and the Panama Canal. Freya will paddle fully inside the big Gulf of Mexico and Bahia California and cross Hudson Bay.

No one has circumnavigated this whole continent by kayak before. Will her body hold up? It will be an unsupported expedition mostly paddled solo.

The challenges, despite her vast kayak expedition experience, are impossible to list here – it’s just another continent! Paddling with Black-, Brown-, Grizzly- and Polar bears plus a lot of ice in the north will be new to Freya…is the rest just “business as usual” after her two other continental circumnavigations?

The northern sections are only ice free for a few months per year, so paddling in just one direction would extend her circumnavigation by even more years. And age is proceeding with all of us…but “Never stop starting – Never start stopping!” is her motto for her new trip!

Using satellite communication the trip will be documented with daily posts on her website and facebook pages.

Freya’s previous expeditions included record-circumnavigations around South America 2011-2014, Australia 2009, New Zealand South 2007, Iceland 2007 and Ireland 2016. She is the most experienced expedition paddler in the world and has received a range of awards including the “World-Paddle Award”, National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year and the “European Adventurer of the Year” Award.

More informations about her biography here. For more general information on Freya’s upcoming and previous expeditions, please visit her FAQ’s (Frequent Asked Questions) page.

Got a new kayak…

Thanks a lot to Jochen and Martina Lettmann to provide me  a brand new “Lettmann Speedliner” kayak with the matching new “Lettmann Speed LCS 100” wing blade. The kayak has just “my” lines…585 cm, 53 cm, 22 kg, and some different color! I outfitted it the last days to my needs with some personal nooks and crannies, and will put it to some rougher water very soon! See how I like it…

Buch-Premierenvortrag 9.9.2016 in Husum!

Nach der Weltpremiere meines Vortrages “THINK BIGGER – Survived.” letztes Jahr in der heimischen Messehalle in Husum ist die Messe Husum und Congress nun auch bereit, meine Buch-Premiere am 9.9.2016 im Rahmen eines Vortrages mit Lesung zu organisieren! Vielen Dank!

Termin schon mal vormerken!

Mein neues Buch erscheint am 9. September 2016!

Schon mal vormerken:

Mein neues Buch “Kap Hoorn wird dir nicht geschenkt!” erscheint am 9. September 2016 im Bastei Lübbe Verlag!

One more…”European Adventurer of the Year 2015″

At the ISPO Munich 2016:

Thanks very much, guys!

Ich bin National Geopgraphics “Adventurer of the Year”

SUUUUPER! Nach dem Gewinn des “World Paddle Award 2015″ bin ich nun auch “National Geographics Adventurer of the Year 2016″!
Bitte wählt mich mit einem “LIKE” auf meiner National Geographics-Seite auch für den Publikumspreis!
Du kannst jeden Tag einmal wählen, bis im Februar 2016 der Publikums-Preis-Gewinner verkündet wird. Das wird mal wieder spannend!
Danke für eure Hilfe und dem täglichen “LIKE”!

“THINK BIGGER” lectures

Please stay tuned on my events website and on my facebook pages!

Die nächsten deutschen “THINK BIGGER” Vorträge:

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