She is around!


First (horrible) self portrait across Cape Horn, not really relaxed...

Freya just now called to tell me that she made it around the Cape! She is now pointing the bow to the north using as much of the weather window as possible.

Well done Honey!

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  • Congratulations!!!, but not to relaxing…

  • Chuck H.:

    Jörg: Rounding Cape Horn represents a major milestone in Freya’s expedition, and deserves all the applause we can give it. Even though the relief we felt when she finally escaped Isla Deceit was much deeper. Every day, when I need a dose of inspiration, she reminds me of that old Engineer’s slogan: “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.”

  • Laura:

    Congratulations Freya! What a wonderful accomplishement! Whenever the going gets tough, I just think of Freya paddling around the Cape. You are a very, very impressive young lady (and fellow German). Keep on paddling! Happy New Year! ;o)

  • Congratulation Freya! A big step seems to be done. Not physically only (even if this is earning my very highly respect) but mental too.
    Take care. Happy New Year and best wishes for good progress.

  • Outstanding! Happy new year!

  • Jack:

    Great news, Great effort, don’t let your guard down.

  • luisella:

    Well done, Freya! Now you are a Cap-Hornier! Lucky 2012 and enjoy it!

  • Frits:

    Well done Freya, as an old sailor, I will tell you that since you now have rounded The Cab, are you allowed to call yourself “well exercised in sea duty”

  • Jörg Hofferbert:

    Sorry Freya, bud i didn´t understand the enthusiasm from the bloggers now. For two days the applause was absolutely correct, when you landed. That you not go southern again, but either northern, for me it was normal. But in deed: For every day you earn an applause.

  • Don Hebel:

    Like Derrick says– Sweet, Sweet Sweet. Way to go little German Girl!! :) ))

  • roberto:

    Allez Freya !

  • Brilliant effort Freya, well done!!

  • ALan D:


  • That’s sweet! Congratulations Freya!!

  • tuluak:

    Congratulations, Freya – and and a very happy new year!

    All the best for 2012
    yours sincerely old woman tuluak, that didn´t dare to go out today with some winds blowing on her windy lake with a Nelo…


  • Good ,weather looks good for till midnight

  • Steve King:


  • Joel:

    O pior ja passou e navegar no Brasil,o maior pais do continente será uma festa! HEHEHEHE

  • Dona:

    Wonder woman Freya! you are the best!! Happy New Year!!

  • claudio c:

    Well Done Freya ! Congratulations.

  • Chuck H.:

    Excellent! Onward to Puerto Williams!

  • Mike Smith:

    Congratulations Freya, paddles up and double cheers!

  • Edda:

    Now you can sit on any table! Father would have been proud.

    Great stuff, now just get out of that corner of the world.

  • Meike Michalik:

    super Freya, viel Erfolg
    pass auf dich auf, pas på dig, cuidate

  • Lucho:

    Grande Freya!!!!!!!!!!

  • Super, can’t wait for the slide show and tour afterwards!!! Good luck girlie and Happy New Year!!!

  • Don S:

    YEAH!!! :-) )

  • Wonderful to hear and the fact that you have called means that you are safe on shore again ;-)

  • Frances Price:

    Fan-freaking-tastic! Way to go, Freya!

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