Back Home – Trip Holiday until August 14th!


Finish 2nd stage!!!


I had a safe flight home, enjoyed my birthday yesterday with my family and will now dive into all work which needs to be done from home – including preparing the next leg along Venezuela and further along the coast! I may occasionaly update here, but not daily any more. Have a nice summer!

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  • Randall Lackey:

    Wishing you a Happy Belated birthday Freya. Glad you got to spend it with family. enjoy your time at home.

  • Glenn Wilkes:

    Belated Happy Birthday. In your preparations for the next leg along the Venezuelan coast, you’ll probably give serious consideration to making an incursion into Trinidad waters. The configuration of the coastlines on both sides of the Gulf of Paria, which separates the two countries, suggests this. Another reason would be the availability of facilities on “our side”, on which the capital Port of Spain, is located. The one drawback will be the hassle of doing another set of Customs and Immigration formalities, but in view of the exceptional circumstances of your undertaking, I’m sure you’ll get special treatment. I, along with the rest of the kayaking community, are ready and willing to give all the assistance that we can. Please let me know how I can help.

  • Happy belated Birthday Freya! As a paddling enthusiast I’ve enjoyed checking in from time to time. Good luck with the next trip.

  • Happy birthday ! I’ll miss the daily updates at breakfast. Enjoy you summer.

  • Aaron L.:

    Happy Birthday Freya! Enjoy your respite and your summer!

  • Frances Price:

    Happy Birthday, Freya! I am glad you spent it with your family. I hope all went well with your business at home, and that all things run smoothly for you, and that your summer is enjoyable. I shall certainly look forward to your blog once you are back on the water!

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