Yes, I’ll do it. Paddle around Australia.

In a kayak. Solo. Unsupported. Starting this year.


This was my commitment and mission statement on March 12th 2008.

Since then I’ve been busy working for my ice cream shops, working on my new web site and enjoying some Easter holidays with my son.

Now it’s time for research – anyone has any good ideas about how to keep the crocs at bay? — and to begin wrapping my brain around the Wonderful Wild World of OZ!

I set up a seperate website for the OZ trip. Please feel welcome to follow up all preparations and progress!

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Mick Martin

Australian Waterman – I assume you know that Paul Caffyn paddled around Australia. True it is extremely dangerous. And there is a very real risk of dying. But it is not impossible. Freya – Good luck !

For what its worth, I did a solo paddle on Hinchinbrook Island in North Queensland where I was told to watch out for croc’s. The inside water ways and mangroves is where they breed. If you stick to the outer islands there is less chance of being annoyed by one. Having said that, I did observe an old timer walking waist deep in the worst infested area…. so I had to ask him why he is still alive? He told me that they are stalkers and will wait patiently and would be a problem if you frequent the same place a number of times. So all he did was throw in a net, pull it out and then walk 20 meters away and did the same thing again. He did not walk in the same place more than once during the day.
Anyway I will watch your journey and when you are near Sydney a few of us may come out and paddle part of the coast with you.
All the best for your trip.


Good luck with your trip. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures in your paddle around Australia, when you return. Take care.

Australian Waterman

Do your homework….No really do your homework. I have paddled and surfed most beaches in this country and you are a complete fool if you think you can paddle around Australia without being killed.

The crocs up norths will eat you. The thousands of kms of cliffs with no landing areas down south will see you either eaten by a great white or smashed by 40 foot southerly – freezing swells.

Get a grip and go do something else. You dont really need to prove yourself this badly do you?

Mark Tozer

Will you be planning to take in Tasmania as well?

All the best to you Freya, just make sure your back by October

Greenland perhaps after that?

Keep doing us proud and take care

Mark :0)


Of course, if there are no islands left, just go for the continents! Good attitude Freya 🙂 I wish you good luck!


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