Finish at Queenscliff – now more pictures uploaded!


Thanks to all people helping me along and welcoming me so nicely!

A special thanks to the VSKC! It was an overwhelming reception!

I promise, if anyone will paddle around Australia within the next 27 years, I’ll be at the finish line!


More pictures:

(most pictures by Philip Dyer)


 some fellow paddlers with flares and the local rescue boat bringing me in


The obligate champagne bottles are threatening…but very special ones – “She can do it!” brand!

Getting drunk already from the smell! One year almost no alcohol…

I had to go for a roll to wash the bubbly water off

time to get out…

and to relax…

or not?

it’s all over now, at least the paddling…

plenty of media work is waiting…

…and the official part:

acknowledgement by the mayor of Queenscliff presenting me a signed book. Thanks!

Peter Costello, VSKC club president, doing the “official” speech

carefully listening…thank you, Peter!

VSKC “special event coordinator” David Golightly, also our host in Melbourne after the trip.

A special thanks to David!

still smiling…

Some of the supportive members of the VSKC plus Terry Bolland, my supportive friend form Perth

Thanks to all of you!

my “trip manager” for the last two months, and loved partner since Cape York: Greg Bethune

Thanks for everything, Greg!

 Time to move on


Some paper snippets:

all_media_coverage_1612091 – thanks to Daniel Moloney, the media coordinator engaged by the VSKC!


Some media links (started this, lost track on google, too many, sorry. Just google yourself, please…),,26260960-27197,00.html,,26025664-5018663,00.html




Queenscliff, 40 km, 6.30 to 13 40 km

Note from Chris Cunningham:

Freya is scheduled to arrive at Queenscliff—the point of her departure on January 18—around noon today, Tuesday, December 15 (Australian date and time). The Victorian Sea Kayaking Club ( is making arrangements for her arrival and for a reception and talk on Wednesday evening.

Freya will complete her circumnavigation in 332 days (245 paddling days). Paul Caffyn made the first and only other circumnavigation by kayak in 1982 in 361 days (257 paddling days)

Congratulations, Freya!


Text message via satellite phone from Freya’s final camp:

38.22 144.16, Point Addis. 6:30 a.m.  to 8:00 p.m. Beautiful day with lots of “office work” on the water. One more day!

236 comments on “Finish at Queenscliff – now more pictures uploaded!

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Solo lo elegidos tienen capacidad y convicción para realizar sus sueños. Un ejemplo de tenacidad.
Un saludo desde Argentina


¡¡ Felicidades!! Es una gran hazaña

Glückwünsche!!. Es ist eine große Leistung.

lorna alcorn

well done Freya never doubted your ability to achieve this dream you are an inspiration for others who only dream of such things You lived the dream and now tell the tale congratulations and yes what next????ordinary life will not be for you I feel.Good luck happiness and joy to you Lorna

lorna alcorn

well done Freya never doubted your ability to achieve this dream you are an inspiration for others who only dream of such things You lived the dream and now tell the tale congratulations and yes what next????ordinary life will not be for you I feel.Good luck happiness and joy to you Lorna

Lars Pedersen

Hi Freya,

Congratulations, well done, must be an incredibly eventful trip. A trip of a lifetime: o)

Best Christmas Greetings



Super Freya…mein Herzlichen Glückwunsch..! Ich denke niemand hat gezweifelt……!

gruesse…….. Heiko
( aus itzehoe)


I´m so impressed by your achievement and your spirit! Thank you ever so much for chairing this fantastic adventure with us. It´s been a fantastic journey to follow. Wish you a Merry Christmas with rest and family.


Congratulations and very well done ! what a amazing effort and great to follow along for the ride with you. We were there with you every stroke of the way and it was all fantastic reading……..

Hi Freya,

congratulation for your succesful Australia circumnavigation.

It is good to know, that you finished your really impressive trip safely.
Respect !
In order to discover new oceans
you must have courage to loose sight of shore.

Antoine St. Exupéry (?)
Merry Christmas and a
Happy and satisfied New Year

Regards form North Germany (minus 3 °C / 15 cm snow)

Chuck H.

Nice to see your comment, Edda. Your flow of remarks added a great deal to the pleasure of following Freya around Australia, and to a sense of community among those who were (virtually speaking) along for the ride. I hope you were at Caffyn’s Cove to witness the end of this great adventure.

Hi Freya,
it was nice to meet you at your Mordy reception – I’m wondering (once you’ve had a well deserved rest) whether you would like to continue the blog or something similar where people can submit anecdotes or photographs for you to collect. I have some photos that you might like to have and no doubt there would be 1000’s more that could be of interest to you. As far as stories go, in my haste to get to the Queenscliffe ferry by car, I received a speeding fine – but it was the best money ever spent as I could be there to join your final paddle to the finish. I wonder if you were cautioned by any water police for breaking any speed limits!? I trolleyed my kayak onto the ferry and back and enjoyed the beautiful weather conditions on the day. On your show and tell night I asked about the pros and cons of circumnavigating Australia clockwise vs. anti-clockwise. Of course the winds are a big factor, however, there are some noticeable currents and the biggest one (the east Australian current) would often support a clockwise trip. I’m a climate and weather scientist and are looking at a study which examines what could constitute an optimised starting point and direction based on available observed or reanalysed data…I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting.

Hi Freya, A true inspiration. fantastic effort.
Have a well earnt rest.Maybe an australian beer or two to cellebrate.
Regards Graham Ey from South Australia.


Thanks again Freya for your inspiration and your generosity in sharing with us all. It was great to hear you in person in Sydney last night

John and Beth Fitzhardinge

Good evening Freya, Congratulation on your outstanding achievement.We proud to have been a small part of it. Your photo was in the West Australian News this morning.Best of luck for the future.Tim is working on Atlas off the Pilbara Coast, and when we showed your photo to Buddy he remembered your trip down our coast together. See you later. (?)

What an achievement.An inspiration to women everywhere.
Certainly your name will go down as the greatest female sea kayaker we have ever had. Western Australians were impressed by your attitude and your entertaining talk that we attended. Please write a book at some stage-perhaps after you finish your adventures.

G. Bueschen

Hello Freya,

Congratulation for this challenging project you finished succesful and impressive.
Looking to the future I wish you all the very best too.



Thanks Chuck, found quite a bit of stuff that I haven’t seen before. Looks like this weekend will be spent catching up with all this instead of actually paddling.

Chuck H.

Gayle (and everyone): Just finished poking around in the Qajaqunderground and found those first Australia trip entries:
— Go to “Blog” in the horizontal menu near the top of this page. That will bring up a page featuring the “Finish at Queenscliff” entry and other recent ones.
— At the bottom is a “Previous Entries” link. Click that and you’ll get a page covering Days 315 through 324. The URL address will end with ” …/page/2/ “. Change the 2 to 35 and hit return. You will then have Days 1 through 7 before you.
— You can systematically explore the entire blog, either the “hard” way by clicking the “Previous Entries” and “Next Entries” links (at each page’s bottom), or by changing the numbers in the URL.
— It looks like those numbers will themselves change as Freya expands her undertakings into the future. Right now the list runs up through 53, and there is some fabulous stuff in those higher numbered entries. Take a peek!

Chuck H.

It’s a delight to see all these good wishes, every one of them well deserved!

I join many others in looking forward to a book, and certainly support Gayle in hoping that the Stage 1 entries are not lost. I have been systematically going through the entire blog in search of tips and insights, and count that as time well spent. (not to mention being a good way to mitigate “withdrawal symptoms”!). Your entire Australia blog is an invaluable resource for the entire sea kayaking community.

Freya — May you have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a great time decompressing from your fabulous adventure!

Chuck Haberlein
Falls Church, Virginia

BTW: comment # 212 above is nothing but commercial spam.

Pam Selkin

Freya, enjoy the glory of what you have accomplished – you’ve earned it!!! A big thanks to Karel for his dedication to your adventure and your safety. And a big thanks to Greg for providing those creature comforts that allowed you to keep up your strength and super human effort. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with all that is spectacular.

sachtein alaich giveret!!!!!!!
well done to you lady!!!!!!!!!
we hope that all the salties have survived your visit.
lots of peace from the holy land-israel.
back in Patagonia we would joke and say, when we finished a good 60k paddling day, that Freya has probably done the same distance in 2 hours.
your’e the man (woamn)!!!!!


Well done mate you are a real Aussie Battler,looking forward to the book,,,cheers Shorty,Rockingham,Western Australia.


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Robert Whitefield

Bravissimo Freya !!!!!
A legend in your own time.
Monumental accomplishment.
Thank you for reminding us
that no dream is too big.


Congratulations Freya!!!! It was amazing to be able to follow you during this incredible adventure.


Jan Selfe

Hi Freya,
I spoke to you briefly when you pulled into Wedge Is. in Sept, cold and tired.
Myself and friends have been following your journey since then and also attended your talk in Perth. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on your amazing and wonderful achievement.
Best wishes to your friends and family for Christmas and New Year.
We all look forward to following your next adventure.

We are very proud of your accomplishment. Can’t even imagine all the day-to-day challenges you were able to overcome.
Can’t wait to hear more detail although we were able to keep up by following your blog but still to hear it live will be great!
Rich, Mike & the rest of the gang at Snap Dragon

S Carpenter


I’ve followed you since early in the circumnavigation. You are remarkable and courageous. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

S Carpenter
Knoxville, Tennessee

Congats from friends at Deception Pass, Only you would have the guts and grit to do this trip, get some rest and have some fun,,,do nothing even

Cheers to you Tom

Congratulations Freya.Awesome.Probably be a while to come back to conformity.XXX .Have a great Xmas & rest for you & your


Fantastic to see congrats from all around the world, well deserved candidate for “Woman of the Year”.

Suffering withdrawal symptoms already, went to re-read the earlier posts, only to find that the first stage Queenscliff to Sydney is missing from the website. Is that intentional for some reason? Can it be restored?

I found the earlier posts quite interesting, from memory, as you gradually adjusted to the long paddling days, and I would like to re-read those early entries again if possible.

dutch clouds

Bin sehr glücklich das Du es geschafft hast und noch heil und munter bist!

Thank you very much for letting us in on such an amazing adventure. Hope you find new goals in life that make you happy.

Fantastic to hear that you have arrived back safely! Well done. What a lady! What an amazing person you are. We are so impressed by you Freya!!! We look forward to seeing you again soon here at Reed. Until then, we wish you a well earned, restful Christmas with your family. Lots of love Freya xxx
Jo Reed -Chillcheater.

Alberto Valenzuela

From the colombian kayaker, who had the privilege to share with you pages in the April 2009 issue of Sea Kayaker…I hope that your recent triunph will keep your soul untouched with the vanities of victory…a really great soul will always be simple…just as a seagull diving in the ocean…I am sure you are one of those!

Clear Waters and best wishes

Rene Appel

Hi Freya

“The man who says it can not be done should not disturb the one who is doing it”; Chinese proverb

Fantastic achievement Freya!

Hope to meet you again at another Surfski event, although by any means Molokai may not be long enough to even warm up for you.

Best wishes,


Congratulations Freya on behalf of the Patterson Lakes Canoe Club and The Woodleigh Water Ratz Kayak Team. An inspiration for us all.

Tim Burke

Congrats Freya!!!! I remember you talking with Greg and Oscar about planning this while we were all getting ready for the Molokai. It has been amazing to watch the whole thing come to completion. Much respect!!!!!!

Freya, well done. I second, third and fourth the motion: a book should be written. From a newly inspired Manhattan dog.


Way to go Freya. What an inspiring Journey. We read each day as you posted your adventures. Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment. Write the book! We’ll buy one!

Congratulations from the state of Ohio, USA

Hello Freya!
“Toll gemacht! Das war ein grossartiges Abenteuer!”
Congratulations with your immense achievement. With huge respect!
greetings from the Netherlands,

Hermano Baptista

Olá Freya
Enjoy every sec. every minute every hour four the rest of your live.


Guess what! You’re on PAGE 5 of the West Australian Newspaper on Wednesday! Humph…what do you have to do exactly to get some press? I remember when there used to be page three girls, and you are way better than any of them…Surely paddling round australia by sea kayak is deserving of page 1…oh well, that’s the media for you. Oh and of course they focused the article on the sharks….cos that’s what everyone wants to read about – sharks n crocs, dont get me started…it was a nice photo, and you took up a lot of page 5, I’ve got a copy for you, where do I send it? I think they stole the article from The Melbourne Age newspaper – not even creative enough to write their own article….ok, I’m stopping whinging now.

Keith Freeman

Hi Freya

It was fantastic meeting you last night and being able to hear first hand about your incredible achievement. You are an inspiration.

No-one can say you are attempting the trip anymore!!! 🙂 You did it, as you said you would.

Best Regards



Well Done!
Thanks for encouraging all the paddlers through out the planet reading your reports.
Welcome to Finland again sometime.


Bravo Freya, You have achieved your goal! We are so proud of you! All year we have been watching and listening to your story. It is a happy day knowing you are back safe and have been suucessful!


Hallo Freya,

wir alle möchten uns den Glückwünschen anschließen. Schön, dass Du alles gut überstanden hast und gesund gelandest bist. Mutti läßt auch grüßen. Grüße auch an Edda und schaue gerne auf deinem Rückweg mal bei uns rein.

Liebe Grüße von Hanne und dem Rest der Familie

Laurie & Sonia

From Malcolm and Evelyn, Sonia, me and the kids – your journey has kept us captivated for months….
I love the saying “If you don’t have a dream, you can’t have a dream come true”!!
Your endeavour is inspirational and it was great to have played a small part in it.
Congratulations on your remarkable achievement and now make the most of the little luxuries in life.

Good on you….
Someone said: “Nothing is impossible for the man who does not have to do it himself”. Well i never agree with these useless statements.

I make my dreams come true, just like you are. And yes, it takes effort and planning.
So enjoy the moment and the feeling of overcoming yourself. Those moments will last forever inside.


Bravo Madame pour votre exploit, au delà de la réussite sportive c’est une leçon de courage et de persévérance que vous nous avez donné.
Vous avez démontré les capacités des kayaks modernes et d’une bonne organisation, Paul Caffyn doit être fier de partager avec vous ce record.
C’est également une nouvelle démonstration de la force des femmes pour réaliser de grands exploits.
Il vous reste maintenant à réaliser le retour sur terre; tous nos voeux de succés pour cette importante étape dans votre vie.

Murray Dunbar

CONGRATULATIONS FREYA, from New Glasgow Nova Scotia.
All dreams can come true if you believe.
Incredible paddling adventure.
Hope to see you in Nova scotia . Merry Christmas and Happly New year.

Peter Unold

Congratulations and WOW! That was one amazing no-bullsh*t trip! Hope to see you safe and sound back in northern europe.

Steve W

Congratulations Freya,
you certainly paddled the leg from Victor Harbour in record time, even though sea conditions were good, your determination to finish must have been overwhelming! A fitting end for an extremely determined lady.
Thank you for your inspiration over the last year,
Steve…paddling the red kayak from Port Elliot.

G’Day and well done Freya ,I hope Ken made it to your finish (I am away at work and havent seen him) Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and Greg ,Cheers, I had a beer for you last night and tonight !!!!GREAT EFFORT MATE !!!!!!

Felicidades y gracias por dejarnos soñar contigo durante casi un año remando por este continente tan exotico y salvaje. espero seguirte en tu proxima aventura y que puedas venir a remar un dia por el Mediterraneo.


Congratulations Freya, from Italy!
You are beautiful, capable, clever and as a woman I am proud of you! BRAVA! A big hug from all the kayaker circle of Canoaverde in Genova Nervi

Dave Desertspring

Freya, you are an inspiration to all who would attempt a larger than life journey. I hope to meet you in Seattle someday. Perhaps at a book signing? Congratulations!

Drew Dixon

An amazing jouney. Making history! Enjoy the post circumnavigation ride and we’ll hope to see you some time in the Pacific Northwest. Your web entries have been particularly enjoyable, being an Australian living abroad.

Hi Freya, well done , it was great to follow you on your trip from the comfort of my own home. maybe we will get to meet you one day here in Israel. mazal tov


Awesome Effort Freya…Andrew McAuley once said to me that it would be good to see this trip knocked off by a woman! I wish he was here to see it. There have been so many attempts…With your good luck, determination and strength you have done it. Congratulations and enjoy the party tonight. I wish I was there to celebrate with you. I bet you cant wait to get home for christmas and it will be strange not to be getting up and going out on the water each day….but this will be something that you can look back upon for the rest of your life as a crazy and wonderful adventure and a real test of what you can achieve out there by yourself on the ocean. I hope to see you back in Australia next year for some paddle adventures up north. Best Wishes, Sandy xxx

I follow the world and send you warm congratulations to what you have achieved! I wonder what is the next adventureous website I look into in the next years to come, probably nothing like yours. Great stuff and enjoy your future paddling adventures.
From Tauranga NZ as an Ex-Kieler Paddeljunge vonne Foerde,
Andy Wurm


Congratulations Freya!! I can only hope to do some fraction of what you have done. You are the most amazing athlethe that I have ever heard of!

Freya, It’s about time that you finally got around that “rock”!! 🙂 🙂

You did it!! It takes a special strength, focus and drive to keep going day after day for such a long period, when it would have been all-too-easy to stop at any time. Congratulations on a remarkable achievement and enjoy the moment!

René Ortiz

Well done Freya!!!!, you are a great person, I send you a big kiss, you are my inspiration, please If you write a book, tell us for buy.
My best congratulations to you.
Regards René Ortiz from Veracruz, México.


Thanks Pam M. for alerting us to a couple of other strong women who possibly can inspire us like Freya has done for the past 11 months. Maybe the links to their blogs will just get me over the withdrawal symptoms now that Freya has completed her epic journey. Better still, maybe I can get out there for my own adventure, however small by comparison to Freya’s magnificent feat.

congrats to you freya,what a awesome adventure.its been fun
following your paddle.and CHEERS to you and merry christmas seaya-steve.

Manuel Alba

Your achievement is an inspiration for all sea kayak lovers around the world. The biggest congratulations from Ceuta (Spain).

Bravo Freya!!


Congratulations and all the best for a well-earned holiday!
Jenny, Marcel & McKinley in Portland, Oregon, USA

Freya, HUGE high fives, hugs, and congratulations from Bellingham, WA! Amazing accomplishment! We send your our sincere AWE!
Heather, Brandon and Hayden Nelson

This is an amazing moment for me… to realize what can be done through strength, spirit and will. You inspire me Freya, and some day I hope to have the honour of meeting you.



Hallo Freya,
eine super Leistung, unseren Glückwunsch dazu und natürlich sind wir auch ein bißchen stolz, dass Du aus Schleswig-Holstein kommst und diesen Kampf gewagt und gewonnen hast.
We pursued your journey wherever you was and we were. Now you reached your destination and everything is fine. You did a good job.
Unfortunately, we can’t participate at your welcome-party in Hamburg, but in our thoughts we are there.
We wish you success as well as satisfaction with your achievements

Traute and Guenter Gross, Vienna VA United States


Welcome home from your Epic voyage,Freya!

A legendary achievement with all the elements of a Master.

‘Camping overnight at sea’ with a paddle float will never be the same!

herzliche glückwünsche von uns allen!
endlich geschafft: keine strapazen mehr
keine haie
keine schnappmäuler
jetzt kannst du weihnachten geniessen:
…und auch keine enten mehr auf wasser, jetzt auf teller mit
rotkohl und klössen. schöne party wünscht uwe

Alex ( Geelong)


Bravo, Well Done
you are a inspiration for everyone.
and further proves the saying

“When there is a will there is a way”

it may be the long way around ,
crocadolies, Sharks, storms, wind, rain waves as big as houses.
but if you dont Quit you will make it.

well done and thank you so much for your inspiration.


Congratulations, reading your blog each day has been inspiring enjoy a well earned rest …you are one amazing human being

Othmar Lippuner

Herzliche Gratulation zur erfolgreichen und glücklichen Vollendung dieser gewaltigen Paddelstrecke. Ich wünsche gute Party und glückliche, erholsame Festtage.


Peter Sjodin

THANK YOU for having shared your trip with all of us around the world.
The first thing every day since January has been to check your blog. In addition to follow your exciting journey I have learned so much about Australia – and with Google Earth I have scanned the whole coast many times and almost seeing you there in your kayak – at least in my mind.

Now when you will have more time to summarize your trip it would be so nice to learn a bit more on the daily chores. Things like: what and how much did you eat when in the kayak a whole day. How did you charge your batteries for the GPS, VHF and laptop – or did you bring loads of spare batteries with you? Did you use bluecharts or maps in paper format or just in the GPS. If paper – it must have been so much of it…

Peter and Lars-Goran from Sweden


Now what I am going to do to avoid my work!
Congratulations on a magnificent trip and the joy for all of us in being able to read about Australia over the past year. It is incredible that you were able to write so eloquently about the people, places, and the experience.

Steen Bondo

Hi Freya,

Once again, you hereby receive a standing ovation from Denmark..!!

Been exiting to read your blog and follow the trip, with a finger on a map.

Thank you for your inspiring attitude.



Hi Freya, Thank you for the inspiration and the amazing story you have just written.

Fair winds and calm seas.

Inge Hartley

Freya, Congratulations and best wishes, what a wonderful achievement, We are so proud of you.
Have a good rest, a great Christmas and a greater New Year.
With love, Inge and Joy


Yipeeee! Haray! What a wonderful accomplishment! I’ve enjoyed your updates and photos this past year. Thanks for including me in your adventure through the wonder of cyber-space! I’ve been proud of you, afraid for you, compasionate of your hardships, and always looked forward to the next post. Glad you’re safe and that you made your goal!

Have you started planning your next adventure?! :o) Katie

A hearty congratulations to you, Freya, from all of us at Kokatat! We have been watching your progress for the past 11 months and are happy to see you made it safe and sound. Your achievement inspires us all.
Looking forward to seeing you at some point in the future.
Michael and the crew at Kokatat

It has been great to follow your progress, Freya – congratulations on reaching your big, big goal. What a fantastic accomplishment, both on and off the water!

Cheers, and best wishes
Tue Olesen / Denmark

Doug Stirling

Congratulations Freya! Thank you for displaying such courage and determination – and for educating many of us about Australia. All of us look forward to your written account of the journey – you may include my limerick as tribute.
Best wishes to the best!

Congratulations Freya! I have greatly enjoyed following your Australian “PADDLING HOLIDAY” (;-)) on the web during the past 12 months. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your wonderful trip once you are back in good old Europe, possibly during the last days of our Bibionekayak event in Italy from 28 to 30 May 2010. A presto allora!

Hallo Freya!

Meinen allerherzlichsten Glückwunsch! Ich habe dich die ganze Zeit “begleitet” und bin froh, dass du wohlbehalten angekommen bist! Behalte fest, was du auf der Fahrt gefunden hast!


Olly & Dave

Congratulations to an amazing and inspiring kayaker! Thank you for somehow always finding the time to share the ups and downs of your incredible journey with complete strangers – you literally carried the rest of us in the kayaking world around Australia with you for 332 very long days!!! It is going to be tough being cast adrift now … but we float off grinning at your great achievement ☺

Bill Whitehouse

Well done Freya knew you could do it .Hope you have a great Christmas and well deserved rest .Please consider sharing your adventure with us in Canada,s west coast Be looking for you .Thanks Bill


Congratulations!!!!!!!!! It is very good to hear that you arrived safe and sound. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well done Freya, Ive been watching your blogs each day from Saudi Arabia. Super effort, wonder what your next mega challenge will be? Thanks for giving us all inspiration to take on the impossible.


Fantastic accomplishment Freya! I have followed your posts every day, and revisited them as you embellished them with the many outstanding photos. That phrase “Not just another pretty face!” has a whole new meaning! You have not only shown the world what “women” can achieve, but have become one of the world’s greatest and most courageous human beings EVER! At a time when individuals are being crushed by so much corporate greed and corruption, we needed a HERO like you! Your generous nature to have shared with so many the intimate details of your adventure on a daily basis was a timely gift to us all! THANK YOU for being such a huge inspiration! You ARE amazing!!!!!!

But! Did you destroy the ring in the fires of Mordor? Director Peter Jackson would be an excellent choice for the MOVIE! Your EPIC adventure has all the excitement, thrills, chills, romance and moral fiber of a blockbuster movie! If you won’t star in it, perhaps Angelina? (Zena? Goddess of kayaking forever!) lol
From a fellow kayaking enthusiast from Port Townsend, Washington – USA – Home of the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium – (Hope to see you there next fall!)
I am very impressed with the charm, friendliness and helpful nature of our wonderful Australian friends! Your a lucky man Greg! Stay healthy and happy Freya! Please thank your son for lending you to us for a year! Thank you all for an amazing “real time” adventure. The comments along the way have taught me so much about Australia! I feel, like so many of your other fans, true withdrawal pangs and will miss reading your daily updates. May all good things come to you and your loved ones! – Brent

Hallo Freya,

unsere allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche!! Unglaublich, was Du vollbracht hast. So schnell wird das niemand mehr wiederholen, vor allen Dingen nicht in dieser Zeit. Genieße den Erfolg. Und dass Du jetzt nicht mehr jeden Tag aufs Wasser musst. Auch in Deutschland überschlagen sich die Medien bereits, trotz der Zeitverschiebung. Wir hatten auch schon diverse Anfragen.
Bis demnächst
Petra und das ganze Aquapac-Team

There are two things, which electricify myself: The moonlanding and your superhuman power – physical and psychological – still fantastic. All superlatives to you. I hope the VIP´s here in old germany have an royal appreciate.

At your return in HH, my ovations be sure to you.

I´m glad to see you


A civilian salute, Freya. You did it!
It was the strength of your mind that ultimately won out here.
You have moved all of us humans …forward.
Love ya’.

Absolutely awesome and amazing! Of course we never doubted you would do it, so you were amazing at the start – finishing is just icing on the cake!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von der Insel Rügen und Stralsund. Wann sehen wir Dich im Sportstudio? Wann kommt Dein Buch heraus? Würde mich freuen, Dich hierher im nächsten Sommer einmal einladen zu können, wenn der Trouble etwas vorbei ist.

Pam M.

As Freya ends her epic voyage, another young woman finalizes her preparation for a solo paddle around South Georgia Island in the frigid waters of the South Atlantic Ocean to bring attention to the plight of the albatross. And another woman is attempting to ski solo across Antarctica, has already been rescued from a fall into a crevasse: Freya, Hayley, Meagan, portraits in courage!


Congratulations Freya!! What a trip!!
Its been a great pleasure to follow your adventure day by day. Thanks for sharing so much with us. Im looking forward to listen to you and see the pictures some time…
Now enjoy the PARTY and hope you will have a long and nice holliday!!
//Kerstin in Sweden

Matthias Panknin

Hallo Freya,
auch von mir meine Anerkennung und meinen Glückwunsch!
Super! Auch dass es mit den Haien und Krokodilen geklappt hat.
Liebe Grüße


I’m close to tears from exitement. Congratulations for a brave adventure, good spirit and I liked your reports personal transparency , humor and excellent English
Well Done!


CONGRATULATIONS FREYA, What an amazing achievment. I have enjoyed following you through your voyage and wish I could have been there to welcome you.

Take care…………Rodney


What an achievement! And thanks Freya for making such an effort to share your days with us. After a day’s tough going, that is some discipline. You are, and will be, so very special to all of us.

What an amazing trip!
I am really impressed.
It must be so great….. and tough as hell.

Let us know if you are planning to give a lecture and show photos.
We will be happy to invite you.

All the best

Anders (Copenhagen, Kajakhotellet)


Amazing! It was an honour to read your posts and follow along on your journey. I am going to miss these daily breaks, when I would take a few minutes to check in on Freya, and be amazed yet again at the strength of will, and of body, that it took to do what you did. I hope to meet you one day, but even if I don’t, I feel I already know an awful lot about who Freya Hoffmeister truly is. Thanks again for taking us along for the ride, and inspiring all of us, paddlers and non-paddlers alike.

Rick (Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada)

Alan Shea

Way to go—you will now have to change your logo from “she can do it” to “she did it”

Adrian (Albany WA)

Hello Freya,

Sorry that I couldn’t be there for the finish. We never doubted that you wouldn’t finish the job and go into the record books along with Paul Caffyn.

Congratulations, hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones and a happy new year.

Ragnar Midtskogen

Congratulations Freya for a truly amazing accomplishment and for allowing us mere mortals follow you on your journey day by day.


I am so happy for you! Congratulations for an inspiring adventure done with excellent style!!!!!


Congratulations, Freya!

.. and sorry for the comment no 74 that was automatically generated by blog software. Luckily the text is written in secret code-language 🙂

Congratulations! Very well done! It’ been extremely inspiring and motivating to follow your blog. Pat yourself on your back and put on a big smile =)

Roy Martin

NOW …You can have some time to dance on a dance floor, instead of in a kayak

Good Year

Best Wishes


“Job done”…what an understated way to finish this awesome adventure. Just looking at the red dots all round the outside of Australia is mind-boggling (see VSKC).
Freya, you are an inspiration!


Congratulations Freya…!!!!!!
It’s an example of determination and courage…Absolutly fantastic!!
Good holidays now and happy christmas!!!



Congratulations, job well done. I’m popping the champagne cork. Hope you keep the blog on your website, as I know I will enjoy re-reading everything again and again, reliving your adventure whenever my life gets a little hum-drum. Thanks so much for uplifting the aspirations of so many others.
Best wishes for a happy Christmas with your family, and some good recovery time for you.

Absolutely brilliant Freya! I have followed your blog every day and wished you good luck always. People like yourself keep human adventure alive and well! Don’t forget you need to come to Tasmania to do a little circumnavigation one day 🙂


Hi Freya,
Congratulations!!!!. What an amazing paddle, I come home and read your blog each day and my joints begin to hurt, my arms feel like they have paddle along with you. Even my bum hurts and I am sitting in my comfortable chair!!
Anyway it was a pleasure to have you visit our place, you are truly an exceptional lady.
Henry & Margaret
PS. Now you can have the pleasure of bagging the doubters 


Hi Freya,

Congratulations on your achievement. Are you going to write a book about your adventure?


Antony (Perth)

Guys – some initial shots of Freya’s arrival are up on the VSKC website ( More to be added after the welcome party Wednesday night. Freya – we are all very proud of what you have done and VSKC is proud to have supported you – see you tomorrow night


Pam Bezzina&Eric Minger

What an awesome achievement!Congratulations from Pam and Eric who met you in Mackay at Victor and Alyth’s house.We are very proud to have had even such tiny part in this amazing voyage.Well done.Best of luck with whatever you decide to conquer next.

Congratulations from Portugal!
It’s an epic journey…a real odyssey!!!

you finished in a record time, endure some heavy conditions, and manage to succeed even being far away from civilization, comfort, your home, and your family…finishing it’s a wonderful Christmas present :-))


Olle Wistling

Congratulations from Sweden
Every morning i have folloved your trip on this site.
Well done
Olle W

Dear Freya,
You are definetly A very special & uniqe woman.
Whising you a grate “brake” on the land.
Hope to meet you at our club (OPTIMIST) In Israel


Well done indeed Freya, for the kayaking and for the wonderful way you described all the places and people you met. I’ll miss your posts but there’s a whole bunch of us looking forward immensely to your Sydney visit.

All the best, PeterO

Dear Freya,
silently looking after your travel.
Hope your next one will be here in Israel.
looking forword to meet you face to face on the water.
Rachel Einav.


Truly awesome achievement Freya. You have made the impossible seem possible for anyone contemplating such a journey. I am sure Paul Caffyn is honored to have you break his ‘record’ and join him as one of the world’s greatest sea kayakers.
Come and tell us all about it soon here in California.
Sean Morley


Hi Freya,

Congrats!! After a long haul, you’ve made it. Your journey has been a pleasure to follow through your blog, reading the reports and pictures are awe inspiring. It seems your circle of friends around the world has grown so much since starting this trip. I’m happy for you.

And for the last time for awhile, I wish you a comfy bed, nice meal and a hot shower. Maybe some champagne is in order? Take care!

Richard in Seattle

Pam M.

YAHOO!!!! Never doubted for a moment that you would succeed in your quest. Congratulations, enjoy being on land for awhile, and thank you once again for brightening the lives of winter-bound armchair paddlers, and serving as a role model supreme!!!!! I have no doubt there will be many adventures in your life, hopefully some of us can tag along on those too!


We are so excited for you Freya on finishing an amazing goal. We feel so fortunate to have met you along the way and you have inspired us, especially our children who now know dreams can be accomplished, with determination and hard work. We know they will think of you when they tackle the seemingly impossible. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and CONGRATULATIONS!
Julie Murray Sam and Monique
(Friends from Red Bluff WA in the white bus)


Congratulations, Freya, on an amazing achievement! Many of us in Perth have been following you all the way & will be suffering withdrawal symptoms for a while. Thank you so much for making the extra effort which allowed us to share your experience.

greg whelan

you have become a true blue bloody aussie legend
well done and enjoy what life brings you, we have certainly enjoyed being a small part of yours

Chip Wilhide

Freya, I wish a web cam had been set up for your finish to share with those of us inspired by your determination. Congratulations on your successful adventure!

Wishing you a restful holidays with family and friends. Perhaps you should visit Berchtesgaden and do their Bobsled run and Luge run. The snow and beautiful mountains will be a refreshing change of scenery.

Chuck H

Sailors, Stand to Attention!
Caps off!
Three Cheers:
Hip! Hip! Hurrah!; Hip! Hip! Hurrah!; Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

Kirsty Holmes

Hi Freya – Congratulations! – I met you in Hawaii after the Molokai in 2008 when you announced that you were going to attemp this trip. We all thought it was a ‘big call’ at the time given the hazards along the Aussie coastline. I’m estatic that you’ve proved a few people wrong. Awesome effort. Enjoy the rest and recovery and the satisfaction of ticking another one off the list!



Congratulations! You are great!
Your japanese friends will bless you.
Please rest the body enough.


Jarvis Mob

Incredible achievement, very few will ever really understand the magnitude of what you have accomplished today.
From a personal point of view it was an honour to paddle with you into Perth.
Now you have finished this little family will have a bit of a Freya shaped hole in our lives as we have been following your journey since the start.
Well done, truly inspirational


First comment after ‘watching’ your awe-inspiring trip. Fantastic.
Can’t wait to see you speak of the trip.
Top Shelf.

Gove SUrf Club NT

Congratulations Freya seems like only yesterday you made the monumental trip across the Gulf. Weel Done from All the Members of Gove Surf Club.

Alan Shea

WOW–When is the book/DVD coming out, Merry Christmas and I hope that Santa is very good to you—Thank -you


Right about now, you are arriving in Queenstown, and the great journey will be over.

Congratulations Freya!!!

Thank you for allowing us all our tiny parts in this incredible adventure. Now go and enjoy the rewards you have earned.

Congratulations Freya,,,,Totally Awesome. How quick nearly a year goes!!!!!
Thanks for keeping my Picture I took of you on the home page!!!!

See you again.
Matt Carter


Well done! Your trip is simply the most inspirational journey I’ve ever read about. You’re amazing.

Janita K

I am posting this a 11:09am and maybe Freya has already landed but the below link:

has 4 webcams that have 4 different views from Point Londsdale to Queenscliff.
Perhaps we might see Freya and the welcoming party paddle past the screen.
I am elated for you Freya, completely distracted (dont know how much work I’ll get done today) and want so much to give you a big hug.
Within 30 seconds of meeting you I thought “this girl can do this….there’s a certain look in her eye”.
Congratulations and to all her team and family and especially Greg.
Love to you all
Janita K
Hervey Bay QLD Australia

Mark & Libby


What an amazing paddler you are. When we saw you in Cairns we knew you had the determination to succeed and we are both very excited that you have completed the journey.

We have enjoyed following your updates – you have certainly had some amazing experiences and endured many hardships.

We are very happy to have been involved (in a small way) with your epic achievement and wish we could be there in Queenscliff to congratulate you in person today.

Congratulations again and have a very Merry (& Restful!) Christmas.


Mark & Libby.

Congratulations Freya!
I’m so proud of you and thanks for 12 month fun reading at your blog to see your circumnavigation. Best wishes for a nice ride home and please say hello to Greg to.



Hi Freya,

As have trillions of others, I’ve read every word of your blog. It has been so entertaining and inspirational. I was thinking, “what could I write that everyone hasn’t already said”? The fact is nothing. But nevertheless I find myself having to add my bit just because I’ve enjoyed your trip so much.

So congratulations and all the best on your next adventure.

Life is going to be a little bit emptier without the thrill of seeing a new entry on your blog and wondering how things are going. Your trip has also made an excellent conversation topic at BBQs and parties. My favourite stories of your trip involve crocodile encounters, the gulf crossing and of course the shark tooth collection you started in your old kayak.

I’ve also been amazed that almost everyyone I’ve met on the water (kayaking) knows of your trip and follows your adventure religously.

Anyway. Well done !



Freya, I’m one of all those people that have followed your adventure from day one (and before), cheering you on and worrying about the no-word days. I met you two years ago at Orust, Sweden where you helped me hone my rolls. I’ve never doubted your success for a second. People like you have a habit of completing what they set out to do. Proud to have met you.

Have a well earned restful Holiday!

Michael and Andrea

Hei Freya,
We are impressed about your trip around Australia. Almost every day we followed your blog here from Norway. It was allways exciting to read the updates and there were some days without news were we worried a bit. Good luck for the last strokes. We are proud of you.
Many greatings from some Germans in Norway.

Mark Deuter

Congratulations Freya!! JOB DONE !!

“It is not how you start a job that matters, it is how you finish it.” And you have finished it with such strength and style.

Thank you for sharing your adventure with so many of us around the world, it must have felt at times like it was too much extra effort. But all of us who have followed your progress this year have lived vicariously and at times precariously through this adventure with you, and we cannot help but share your joy and excitement at your amazing achievement.

Again, congratulations from all of the South Australian sea kayaking community and from every Australian. – Mark Deuter.

Gary Forrest

Congratulations Freya
You’re a history maker….Strong and focus lady…also a great paddler 🙂
I’ll wait for the book or DVD
Gary Forrest from the Sunshine Coast
Mooloolaba to Noosa leg 🙂


Congratulations. My deepest thanks for the inspiration and excitement that you have given me over the last year. Hope to see you on Saturday in Sydney. Best wishes for your journey home. David 🙂

Greg Jacob

Well done, Freya!! From Mississippi I have followed your trip each day from the beginning. I’m sure I am speaking for many others when I express that I can only slightly, in some small distant way, feel your exhilaration, satisfaction, and relief as you put the paddle down for the last time on this huge trip! It is now history and we ALL enjoyed the journey, as much as we were able to glean from each posting. Enjoy the rewards of the finish! — Greg J.


I couldn’t think of sufficient words to recognise the extraordinary achievement of your adventure, so I thought I would turn to Sir Edmund Hillary for inspiration, in reflecting on his achievements he put this point of view forward:

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things!”

Congratulations Freya on a fantastic journey and for sharing every inspirational moment with the people following you on the blog, it would be difficult to encapsulate the joyous spirit of your journey, it had everything that is great about the human experience and is an inspiration to many, but your daily updates allowed us to share in that amazing experience. Thank you for maintaining the extraordinary effort to share the journey with you from all around the globe, even when you could tell the days efforts had exhausted you beyond what most people could tolerate, you still kept us up to date and helped us feel how hard and frustrating it could be at times, with that same determination that has brought us to this incredible end to the journey.

Enjoy a well deserved rest and I hope that the spirit of Australia remains with you forever. 🙂


now heading off to congratulate Freya personally on a terrific outcome – looking forward to seeing a bit more of the coastline in the kayak too – all when i should be working! i’m very lucky, the venue for her Wednesday party is less than 5 minutes drive – or better still a 30 minute paddle! hope to take some good pictures today. will try to assist the VSKC to make some pictures available on their web-site for all to see.

Dietmar Bombe,Flensburg

Hi Freya!

Greetings from Flensburg, from the neighbourhood of your hometown Husum. It is Monday, 9.30 pm here – so Tuesday, 6:30 am for you. Time for you to get up and to fly the last km to Queenscliff. Unbelievable how you mastered this challenge! Congratulations!

God yes, for more than 300 days I looked at least one time a day at your blog to see how you are doing. Lots of worries – but anytime joy and relief when I read the message: Freya did it and she is fine! Lots of difficulties – but “my” Freya managed them one by one – what a brave heart she has! Up to 70 km and more every day – but oh God, so much left to go!

And suddenly the last day of this incomparable journey. Enjoy this day Freya, it is only yours! And I applaud you. And I will be happy for you when you do the last stroke to accomplish your goal.

And how I loved all those nice and helpful people all around the tour! And how I loved the comments of the fan community of this blog. They often spoke out what I felt in my heart. I will miss them all.

Go Freya, enjoy the last leg
I wish you all the best
You truly deserve it


YAY!!! Soooo excited!!! Please post lots of pictures!! Congratulations, I had no doubt from the beginning, and neither did you! That is why you succeed!! Well done.

David Golightly

It’s early morning and I am just preparing to leave Melbourne for the three hours drive to Queenscliff.
This morning, a tough year for Freya will reach it’s conclusion as the media, the Borough of Queenscliffe and the Victorian Sea Kayak Club welcome her into ‘Caffyn Cove’ at the end of her incredible voyage.
It has been a personal privilage to have been involved in the planning for this historic event.
Congratulations Freya
David Golightly

Rick and Chris here – our sincere congratulations on this most incredible accomplishment. We have followed your blog from the beginning, and are happy to know that you’ve safely accomplished this daunting journey with such a display of grace and competence.

Hope we’ll see you back in Newfoundland soon – maybe come over next summer, do a circumnavigation of the island as a sort of “cool-down lap” ? You’ve got our number…


Please, keep us paddlers all over the world up to date even after the
big trip is over!

Congratulations, Freya!

You are great folks, all australian hosts and helpful hands of Freya
down under !

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