Contact in Seisa/ Bamamga?

I’ll be heading up to Cape York tomorrow. I’ll anticipate I’ll be there within 14-16 paddling days, plus (hopefully none) some weather days…

I’ve sent a supply parcel to Seisa/ Bamaga via barge.

I’d like to hang out there for a day or two, getting a good rest and recovery until I start my Gulf x-ing. Or maybe I even have to wait for the right weather window…

If you are/ know someone living in that area, I would be very much happy about a personal contact! Please drop me an e-mail or if I’m out of mobile phone reach already, send an e-mail, he’ll forward that onto my sat-phone!

Thanks very much!!! It’s always so much nicer to have a date already… 🙂

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Hi freya – as a fellow adventurer have read and been intrigued. Having also paddled in most of the northern Q waters, appreciate the distacne and effort – and intrinsic beauty of the area. You have come across the wonderfil tropics: the algae on the coral reefs and the ‘blooms’, annual butterfly mating and births, flowering and usual weather issues. gret places ahead too.

Try for lay overs with the teachers at the northern Cape schools for help at Bamaga or the islands (such as Thursday, Badu Is etc). They helped me when stranded there in 2001.

watch for crocs and wild pigs on the beaches, eat carefully and take care of the local Aboriginal fishing and beche de mer sites and not abuse the privilege of travelling through.

Shall be in Cooktown end of April – but you will be long gone I fear. Go well water sprite and contoinue to enjoy to the max.


Master Freya,

Cape York is nice. No need to proove anything else.
You are already a Legend!


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