Day 101, Tuesday, 28.04.2009 (2.)

Report from Chris Cunningham:

Freya sent an OK from her Spot messenger at 03:01:09 (GMT)  from Latitude:-11.82, Longitude:138.99. Judging from the difference between email time of the SPOT  message and GMT time mark, she has passed from the Queensland time zone (GMT +10) into Northern Territories time zone (GMT + 9:30). Local time of the message would be 12:30 p.m. (Australian readers, please correct me if I’m wrong about the time change.) Weather advisor Karel Vissel estimates Freya has 220 km to go. 

David Winkworth reported hearing from Freya earlier today via satellite phone: “She has good focus…and is thinking about a hot shower at the Gove Surf Club!”

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Hi Freya,

Good luck in your trip!…I dream doing like you!

I saw your artistic pictures and you are incredibly flexible…you could do a contortion carreer!…

But now I understand you were a professional gymnast!

Good luck, rubber woman!

Charles Rue

I am with Gove Peninsula Surf Club can you advise how we can assist Freya when she reaches Gove and also how long she will be staying before heading onto her next leg. I am sure we can arrange for a hot shower and place to have a good rest.


I am a charter boat operator based at Cape York. I met Freya at the cape when she passed through and then again a little way down the coast before she departed for the gulf crossing. I have spoken to her each evening on satellite phone since leaving teh cape coast. I am now back at my office on cape york and can look at this site. I am happy to report that I just spoke to Freya again at 19.50 Australian EST (0950 GMT) and she is fine. Yesterday and Last night was quite rough for her and she didn’t get much sleep. Despite the forecast strong wind warning (ESE 20 to 30 knots) for the local area, forcast to be easing 15 to 20 tomorrow she reports the night is quite nice and calm and she is looking forward to a better sleep / rest. She said she was very happy to see some moon. She was at 11 degrees 53, 138 degrees 44. An amazing woman.

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