Day 101, Tuesday, 28.04.2009 (3.)

3 comments on “Day 101, Tuesday, 28.04.2009 (3.)

dear Freya,
good luck for your further trip and your great performance.
I hold both thumb`s for you (like we say in Germany).


We are paddlers from New Haven CT. area, have paddled with gators in new orleans and florida, but never crocs.
keep up the great job. We check your progress regularly, wish we could help give you refuge.


Hi guys
thanks for all your offers of hot showers and pavlova. She’ll be right glad for both. And also possibly to get some good sleep.
The poor kid will need that. She is so incredibly busy when ashore: Setting up the next leg, writing up the blog, sorting out equipment,… so please don’t be offended if she needs some quiet time.
Paddling the boat is only a small part of the job, the rest is a bit like an iceberg: Mostly unseen, but with much more potential to mess her up.
Great achievement by her and and all your kind comments, help and offers make it possible and keep her motivated.

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