Day 102, Wednesday, 29.04.2009 (2.)

2 comments on “Day 102, Wednesday, 29.04.2009 (2.)

I great achievement on your part, I am sure you will enjoy the break from the gulf crossing !
I have asked for someone from our Radio station (106.9 Gove FM) to interview you after you arrive.
Unfortunatly I will be out of town in Darwin, or I would be there myself
Ian Maclean

Almost there for this stage, Your doing great kiddo, It is so cool having this map to track each stage you paddle, I open this site each day sometimes a couple of times a day just to see how your doing, I think your sister is very proud of you and my own Granddaugther Kaitlin shes 12 years old thinks your totally cool, I think your her new hero, Her and I Kayak together all over, Also because of you I think I can get her out on the Ocean now lol, before she wouldn’t even think about going out on the sea, Stay safe keep paddling have fun. Warren & Kaitlin

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