Day 103, Thursday, 30.04.2009

Report from Chris Cunningham:

At 9:40 am (Central Australia time) I got a sat phone call from Freya. The signal was not good so I couldn’t hear much of what she was saying, but she’s doing well. There are some strong currents in the area. She set her sea anchor and checked her GPS and noticed a strong drift, not in a favorable direction so she pulled the sea anchor back in. At some point it was calm and foggy. She was able to take a 30-minute nap in the daytime, I’m not sure when. She sounded well rested and in good spirits. There are 143 km left to go. She plans on taking it slow and aims to arrive around noon on Saturday. She is getting some chafing on her hands from sleeves and pockets, but she reported no other problems.

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If I try to think myselve in her position,( not rearly possible) It must very demotivate, if she is nearly a week on water without any view contact to land and then a current against you.! But now she has no alternatives… What power woman ! In Germany 1 th of May is paddle day. All freetime paddler are starting now too, but with land-contact, which is pretty, nice coloured now.


Spoke to Freya @ 1945 EST I could hear her but she could not hear me and she said I have to hang up. I did not get a position report. I did get that last night was very rough and the worst yet. She said she was OK but I think she is incapable of complaint.

Ola Oskarsson

How is the electric supply arranged? Solar power or dry cells? Does she use a float to stabilise the kayak while sleeping. Apparently on the aft deck!

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