Day 104, Friday, 01.05.2009 (2.)

Thanks to everybody who was wishing me well for the crossing and for all thoses other long days on the water!

So many people all over the world following my trip – it is amazing and fascinating what the internet in these days can do!

Please stay tuned!


(Days 89-104 updated!)


Report from Chris Cunningham:

I got a call from Freya at about 7:15 pm Australian Central time. She is safely ashore, having landed about an hour ago. No details—she’s headed for a shower to wash a bit of salt off.


This email received from Charles Rue of the Gove Surf Club:

Freya is safe in Gove arrived at 6.10pm cst tired but in good health. Found her somewhere to rest for a few days. Found her due east a couple of kms offshore. She was surprised by the surf near Gove

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Hello, Freya,

Congratulations on your successes on your circumnavigation. Our little club in northwestern Wisconsin (USA) is following your trip, and cheering for you. We hope to see you in our waters one day! Lake Superior may not be an ocean, but it has its own challenges and charms.

Best of luck,


Suzanne Dukalskis

Oops! you havent even met Karen and Espen in Gove!! The offer stills stand…(word gets around)

Suzanne Dukalskis

Freya! we have mutual friends with Espen and Karen. You are one ‘wicked’ woman! If you are circumnavigating Aussie there is one beach cottage waiting to rest you in Pelican Point, Bungalow Bay, Sth Australia. OK???? You Go Girl!!!! See you in the South?!Suzanne D

dutch clouds

My deepest respect Freya,
It is clear that you CAN do it but that does not mean you will as this is a very serious adventure indeed. So stay focused, kick ass and meet the upcoming unexpected setbacks with a clever mind please! Wish you many beautifull campsites and days like your last stretch around New Zealand you wrote so inspiring about.

Herzlichen Glückwünsch, Freya, zu diesen super Erfolg!

Bleiben Sie gesund und viel Glück auch weiterhin!

Willi Austermühl
34266 Niestetal, Deutschland


Bei all den Gratulationen aus der ganzen Welt, darf unsere aus dem Jannysland natürlich auch nicht fehlen. Super toll, dafür gibt es das “goldene Paddel” von uns 🙂 Der Pin ist auf die andere Seite der Bucht gesteckt. Freuen uns auf neue Berichte von dir. Gute Erholung und liebe Grüsse Ilona


Moin, moin Freya,
glad to hear that you have made it, you crossed the gulf, Congratulations!
Wishing and hoping the best for your further adventure!
Liebe Grüße von einer Paddlerin aus Itzehoe.

Congratulations Freya,

The Gulf is an epic on its own, without the rest of Australia. The offer of a bed (Spa Suite) still stands if you put in to Albany, Western Australia for some rest and recreation.

Stil some big challenges ahead, The Kimberley,Zuytdorp, Baxter Nullabor cliffs and the Bight.

Great work and wel done again.



Well done Freya. Just amazing. As you can see there is a lot of people wishing you well on your epic journey, you are an inspiration to many. Enjoy your stay in Gove, sounds like you are being looked after exceptionally well. Looking forward to the next stages. Keep having fun and enjoying the experience.

Good on you,
But be aware, sometimes the big challenges are “easy” done, while other simple ones will ask everything form you.
Thumbs up and good luck.

Well Done mate!! Good on yah!!
Kannst stolz sein auf Dich!
Viel Glück für den rest Deines Trips!!
(Obwohl- Glück brauchst DU darür keines, nur Pech sollst Du nicht haben!!).
Pass da oben auf die Sonne auf, und bleib schön Hydrated.
Du schaffst das!!


breath taking trip..
fearless freya,sleep and rest there…
it is really amazing achievment,it is really bravery…



Congratulations Freya!

It’s an amazing achievement but I never doubted you were gonna make it

Also thanks Mandy Rue and Greg Whelan for the reports from Gove!


Congratulations and a relief from another NYC paddler.
I’d think you would sleep for two days and take another zero day as well, you deserve it.


Thomas Duncan

Freya! Congratulations from Eastern North Carolina, USA!

~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~
o \ o o
\ o
o `
o o

Great stuff and congrats to you Freya!! After this slog I am sure can will handle Zuytdrop, Baxter and Nullab as well, now you know!!
Main thing from here will be the weather. Enjoy the friends up there and once more: the world seems to be very impressed and so many hugs and congratulations from Tauranga, New Zealand

Andy – previously from Kiel – Hedwig Holzbein!

Bill M

That is truly an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations and get some well deserved rest!!!

Wolf Lange

Freya Gratuliere zu diesem riesigen Erfolg, wir sind ganz stolz auf Dich hier in San Diego California.
Auch von unseren Paddle Freunden wuenschen wir Dir viel Glueck
fuer den Rest Deines Trips


greg whelan

as mandy said there was a fair crowd at the surf club to see Freya and Charles paddle up to the ramp. She was in good hands, Charles is an ex Australian surflifesaver of the year. Although she was obviously tired she was still in official mode as she unpacked her “vessel”. The kids were amazed to see 3 very large bags of gear taken out of her boat, the rest of us were just amazed how she could spend 8 days in that and come across the Gulf. That’s one tough lady. To all her many friends around the world I can assure you that she will be well looked after in Gove and we challenge all other communities around Australia to do the same. Will give updates to her followers as they come to hand

Joe Brown


So pleased to see that you have safely done the crossing. I have been watching your progress from day 1, and whenever I think I am having problems I think of you and what you are doing and then I know I can cope with my small problems. Please look after yourself carefully, you are so precious to so many of us.
We will drink a toast to you at the Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium.

Love from Joe and Maggie

Gavin Dickinson

All the paddlers in Gharbia race today (UAE, near Saudi Border), were delighted to hear you are safe. WELL DONE…what an effort.


Never doubted you!!!

Can’t wait to hear details, but get some sleep, decent food and celebrations in first.

Mother informed of your safe arrival. Go on and have a ball!

Dear Freya,
I join – from Israel – with the blessings ! Congratulation !
Now, please visit us in Terras Santa (our Kayaking Club) and please teach us how to do a long open sea non accompnied crossing.
The only place we can cross is to the Island of Cyprus, which is arround 250Km (in case we nead to escap from Israel in Kayaks…God Forbid…)

Again, all the best !

Avi Glasberg


Well done!

Have a good rest for the moment and enjoy the very warm welcome in Gove!


I knew you would finish this crossing well!. All my positive thoughts to you. Get some well earned rest!

Pam Mayhew

Congratulations from Canada! That crossing was truly inspirational – I cannot imagine being so far from land and totally self-dependent. You are fearless Freya.


Rene Ortiz

Freya, congratulations!!!!, you are made of a great spirit and a big hart, and of course a hard muscles to cross that gulf, I apreciate you effort and send you a very big hug form México.


Congratulations you continue to inspire the world with your amazing courage and fortitude.



Geoff Payne

I was so happy to hear you have reached land and you are safe. I also would like to know more of the details of how you managed during the day. (see Doug’s comments) How much food did you pack and how much water did you carry? Did you have to take a swim each time nature called? I can’t imagine being able to sleep in a kayak. All the best for the rest of the trip. Geoff


Congratulations, Freya!!!!!

A big hug and lots of congratulations from your followers in and around NYC. I have to admit I was a little tense the past days, thus your landing comes as a huge, huuuuuge, relief.

We are all very curious how you slept (did you cut out the front bulkhead and slid into the boat?)?

Cheers to your achievement!


Very well done Freya, Time for some quality sleep! Thank goodness you’re across safe and like everyone else I’m looking forward to hearing how you organised your crossing activities – especially how you managed to sleep like a baby some nights, and what you ate!

But important to make up for the low quality sleep first!

What an achievement!, PeterO


Relieved to hear of your safe arrival at Nhulumboy (Gove).What a great effort, congratulations Freya.


Congratulions Freya. I am glad you made and I am very happy to hear that you arrived well.


Well done Freya, fantastic effort. Enjoy plenty of sleep, real food and good recovery, before heading off again. Can’t wait to hear all the details of the crossing, but get the resting done first, then the writing. Thanks again to Chris for keeping us updated on the Gulf crossing, we would have been sleepless as well without knowing Freya was safe.

Natasha and Paul

Woohooo! Well done Freya! What a major achievement. All the best for continued success from your friends in New Zealand.


Well done! It wa’s fascinating te see and read the progress last week. Glad everything has endend so well. Looking forward to read the full x-crossing-report in a few days.

Mandy Rue

Freya was welcomed into Gove Peninsula Surf Surf Life Saving Club this evening by a cheering crowd of kids and adults. Charles, who regularly paddles on a Friday afternoon decided to paddle out on the off chance he may greet her. After an hour or so we heard the delighted cheering of some of our young nippers saying “They are coming we can see them”. Freya stepped onto dry land looking very tired but in good health. She was very pleased when I took her to her accommodation which has been provided by Rio Tinto Alcan and was delighted with the sight of a comfy bed and clean towels. Her main concern was what time the post office was open tomorrow as she was expecting mail. I explained that they unfortunately did not open on the weekends, but I was sure with a few phone calls that we could arrange something. I should have realised that this would not be necessary as after settling Freya into her accommodation I returned to the surf club to be told that the local post office ladies had recognised her name and thought ahead to bring the mail with them – living in a small community really does have huge benefits. I am sure when we catch up with Freya in the morning she will be delighted to hear that we have her parcels. We of course are looking forward to hearing some of her adventures to date. Congratualtions and once again welcome to Gove!


Congratulations on the Gulf Crossing.

It has been fascinating watching your progress and the drawing pins on the map marking a straight line across the Gulf. I guess this will give you the option of camping out on the water on the long Zuytdorp Cliffs in Western Australia that PC had to paddle continuously.

Can you give us more details on your daily routine on the crossing.

Did you cook meals, what were you eating ? Coffee?

Do you have to swim to get items from the hatches?

Can you stay out of the water to set up for the night once you have the outriggers in place?

All the best

Janita K

Congratulations Freya!! Your blog followers can now breath and we will all enjoy our weekend together knowing you are safe and the Crossing has been Conquered. Thank you Gove for looking after her. BIG BIG HUGS!

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