Day 106, Sunday, 03.05.2009

Charles and Mandy Rue and Greg Wheelan at Greg’s BBQ party on Saturday night. Thanks to all of them taking, good care of me!


If Saturday was my “body pampering” day, this day was my “gear day”. I took stock of all my gear as usual, and everything got a check-up and little repairs here and there. No internet-updating yet…as I knew I had to give my skin at least 4-5 days rest.

Thanks to Mandy who was washing my clothes and bags and stuff at her house, as I didn’t feel like touching water on Saturday at all!

I got my parcels already Saturday from the clever post-office lady, who brought them to the surf club as the office is closed on weekends…thanks!

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Christian Holmen

Wery well done, hope you recover soon, so we can follow your fantastic journey to the end. Great wishes from Denmark.


Anyone else wondered where the updates were?
Freya started updating form Somerset forward, so enjoy the “back issues”.

Glad they are looking after you, take a good rest! And congrats again.

Bob Creek

Hoping to catch up with Freya when she gets to Darwin – happy to assist in any way. Bob Creek President Surf Life Saving NT. Ph 0401118716

Agust Ingi

Great job Freyja.
We send you some cool and best whises from Iceland.
Agust Ingi & friends in the Reykjavik Kayak club.

Comng back from a 3 day solo paddle trip, I`m so glad to read: She has got it ! Saturday on the water I thought, now it should be the time that she reach the coast. My thought were with her and the inspirate the short trip.

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