Day 107, Monday, 04.05.2009

Here I am – back to public (internet) life!


Not that I was half-dead, no, not at all, but I simply needed some rest and my privacy the last two days after the crossing.

I’ll start with write-up of the oldest missing days from day 89 onwards, and then will slowly work my way upwards to up today! It will take some time, but please enjoy reading the back-entries as well!


I’m sitting cool (with air condition), dry (very important to heal my skin) in a nice calm, clean and private appartement of the William Gove House, owned by the local mining company. I’m still (again…) in bed… :-))

Charles and Mandy Rue, who are mainly looking after me, are employed by the mining company and were able to organize a sponsored stay. Many thaks for that!

It is a large appartement complex with a nice canteen full of delicious food for all mine workers who stay only briefly or/ and don’t have family to settle down for longer. Nhulunbuy is a minig town, with about 4500 (mostly white) people living here, plus some 3000 more in the outskirts. It is a modern, nice and clean place! I didn’t know what to expect about such a remote place, but apparently in these days civilisation with it’s comfortable amenities is simply getting anywhere. Internet, big supermarket, schools, pool, sports complex, everything…not too bad! No need to post a food parcel here…but oh well…

It is raining almost continuously since my arrival, and whoever has never experienced the tropical rain, will learn about it here…it is simply flooding! What a cosy (gemütlich…) feeling to be dry inside…almost like home…no feeling yet like “I need to go…!”

Beeing out there on the water in such rain is simply and experience and doesn’t matter at all, as you are wet anyway and it is still warm. Just the skin soakes worse in fresh water. But making and breaking camp would become ugly after one night.

I still need to heal my skin anyway, estimating I may leave earliest Wednesday or Thursday. Hope the rain is getting less until then….

They said the last month up the east coast was unusual dry for the last month of the “wet season”, and the heavy rain here may be quite local…I’ll take what I’ll get. The winds are moderate with the rain, so it won’t be too much of a trouble to go out again, I think.

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dutch clouds

Many thanks for your oh so informative writing from day 89 onwards. It can’t possibly leave a question unanswered! Your updated day 102 with the beautifull pic was the highlight for me. Very serious stuff with frequent breakers up your face in the dark and the fear of damage to the equipment. Hope your safe handling of those conditions will add to your allready major potential for a succesfull roundtrip. Please be carefull.

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