Day 119, Saturday, 16.05.2009

I left the friendly, very civilized pearl farm early morning 7am.


Thanks to Bear and crew for hosting me!!!


The guys went out on a boat to do the pearling job, and I took some pictures.



Plenty of lines with the shell cages hanging down were visible in the whole bay – what a job to pull them all up one after another either to harvest the pearls or to insert a new core or just to check on them…



The paddle up Bowen Strait was little affected by the tide, although it was supposed to be against me. I supply barge was passing by, and I made good progress towards Danger Point, which was a real beauty of a rocky and sandy cape! But my destination for the night was Smith Point, where I was first landing on a coral beach with an ugly dumper, but decided the spot was not nice enough. I launched again to paddle 200m further up to the Cape, and landed on a nice sandy spot. I almost expected some visitors at night, as there were lots o wheel tracks and footprints, but no one came besides quite a big plane staring from the nearby airstrip.

Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

11.07 132.08 Smith Point.  7:00 am to 6:00 pm, 60km. I went on a fish & wild pig hunt and then chased crocs & wild horses by 4-wheel drive  with the guys from the pearl farm last night.

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Hey stranger…sounds like you’re getting on well. Glad to hear you’ve got the big Gulf far behind you. Have had conversations with both Stiller and Paul Caffyn about that one and its sure a long ass time to be in your boat. Sounds like the currents have been earning your respect…keep up the good judgment about when to stop and recharge. Ultimately, that’s what will keep you alive and going round in record time. Be well.


Amazing paddling. A group of outrigger paddlers would love to paddle into Casuarina Beach with you if your estimated arrival time is in the afternoon. Just name the day. Keep up the great work.

Bob Creek

Hi Freya
Anticipating your arrival in Darwin Wednesday or Thursday.
There is media interest
Accomodation sorted including any support required.
Were excited!
Bob Creek President Surf Life Saving NT

Beth McCarthy

Glad to see you are meeting some of the locals Freya, make the most of it, they and their entertainment/leisure activies are a dying breed. Rest up well in Darwin as contacts from there on across the Kimberley are pretty scarce. Cheers Beth

Rene Ortiz

Why no coments yet !!!!
Freya go ahead to Darwin, every day the distance is short to the goal.
I send you my best wishes,

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