Day 120, Sunday, 17.05.2009


This was supposed to be a short paddle heading to Cape Don from Smith Point (picture), only 50 km planned.


I was crossing from point to point, floating over the beautiful big surrounding reefs of Araru Point and Lingi Point.

Off Araru Point, there were two cars and two motorbikes on the beach having Sunday afternoon noisy fun, probably coming from the small settlement on Aaru Point. They had a high satellite antenna sticking out into the sky like on the pearl farm, so modern phone and internet times even for the remote places…but it was no 3-G reception for me.



Lingi Point had a small sandbank offshore where I was briefly landing, and the whole point was so beautiful I would have loved to stop.  But I needed to keep on going around the point, which continued with mangroves only. But in the far distance across Popham Bay there were two stretches of beach visible. It took me a while to realize the first one was the tiny island before Ardigblyl Point, but on approaching over the shallow reef it was most inviting to stay! There was no need to go to the sand spit off Alcaro Bay, as it was a bit off my course, and heading into the narrow mangrovy lighthouse bay with the old pier and residing crocs was no option for me.



I walked around the island, nothing special to see than beautiful sand and low scrub on top. I found a campsite under a pine tree, and had some relaxing hours for myself landing at 4pm already, actually having covered only 45 km.


There was a small fishing boat with 4 guys out there, spotting me already off Lingi Point, but they didn’t decide to come close as well. But I reckon they saw me all the time…


Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

11.15 131.47 Island before Ardigbiyi Point. 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, 45 km. Lingi Point most beautiful today. Camp under pines. Cute little island!

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Christian Fuglsang

Hej Freja, hilsen fra Danmark, 90 KM north of Husum. I’m most impressed by your trip and would like to do the same. How do you keep your skin okay with all the salty water? I’m looking forward to see you in Husum and your report! All the best, Christian

Hi Freya, just wanted to say how impressed I am with your journey & especially your rate of travel. Try to spend a night at Cape Leveque (its 200km north of Broome) its a stunning place with an eco resort run by local aboriginal communities. I understand how amazing your exped is – I have kayaked Bass Strait, other bits of Aust coast & S.E Greenland. Have fun! Cheers, Graeme.


I wonder if the beach is really pink, it looks like a pine nut, maybe that why it has pines?? What wonderful sights you must see. I wonder if the beaches are clean up there or strewn with mans rubbish as else where? Go Freya, go with the wind.

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