Day 124, Thursday, 21.05.2009

::eMDee:: alias Mark Hoffmann and drummer Lukas Bendel, in action


I finished my blogging work and gear checks at 3.30pm, ready to be taken to town by Greg for the last three chores – post office, Telstra shop, Camera shop…thanks for your patience for taking me around!

He took me on a short touristic drive as well, until we hooked up at 6ish with Bob and Helen at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

Strolling around after some good food, I was very much blown away by the performance of ::eMDee:: alias Mark Hoffmann and drummer Lukas Bendel, playing “Australian Organic Didge Drums N Bass”!

I *love* highly energetic people and music. They were such outstanding ones. You need to watch and listen. A big bunch of indeginous people were dancing like hell, plus some “white” compared to them rather basic looking tries. I had to buy two CD’s. Now I need to get a waterproof MP3 thing to power me through the next leg of my trip…

I had a brief chat with Mark, who had an Austrian mom. His nickname is “Hoff..Meister”…must be something about that name! Impressive guy. Would like to watch and listen again.


Another booth on the market which caught my imagination was this “very Australian” idea of recycling…they had kangaroo, buffalo, wallaby, camel, possum, emu and crocodile (from the road??) on offer… 

“Roadkill Cafè   You kill it – We grill  it”

This was the “fried” version…

…and here comes the “dried” version…

This guy rather made biltong/ jerkey out of the local wildlife…camel, kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo and ordinairy beef on offer!

Allover some rare hours of “normal” tourist sightseeing in lovely company. Thanks to Helen, Bob and Greg for looking after me!



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Jim Taylor

What a wonderful thing you’re doing! I am contemplating a circumnavigation in the future and am learning from the experiences that you are so graciously providing. Keep up the good work!


I think you’ll find Darwin to be a highlight. Between Darwin and Broome there will be several opportunities to meet really interesting people. It must be the water or the temperature…
Say hello to Bruce and Robyn at Faraway Bay for me when you get there.

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