Day 125 – 133, Friday, 22.05. – Saturday, 30.05 2009

Thank You!

Reading about the next leg in Paul Caffyn’s book…

Sunset over the Gulf of Carpentaria


 Carpentaria Seafaris


Halfway trip holiday


I’ll be back in Darwin on Saturday night, 30th.

After another day, Sunday, of getting my gear organized and having done some food shopping, I’ll be back on the water for the beautiful and challenging Kimberley’s leg to Broome on Monday, 1st of June! 

This leg will be the highlight of the trip, I reckon…tidal range 12m…the second highest (and accordingly strongest stream) in the world…remoteness, crocs, beautiful cliffs and nature…I’m really lookingforward to that!

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Congratulations on reaching this milestone.
After seeing you pull in at Terrigal… I had no doubts that this journey was in the bag.
Rest up and take care.. the end of the journey needs all your focus as the day you started the trip.
The fish you caught must be something:-) How the hell does he keep up with you?


Keep those nautical miles ticking over. What a marvellous job you are doing. Well done.

Hello Freya, I think my heart just broke in two seeing you with that other man, Well you look great, Nice tan and very sexy looking too, Good luck sweetie on your next run, Have a great time and be safe. Warren Threehawks

Hans-Jürgen Schmidt

Hallo Freya,

viele Grüsse aus dem tiefen Black Forest auf die offene See. Möge das Glück Dich weiter begleiten. Ich freue mich auf einen tollen Bericht von Dir.

ugur senel

much deserved rest for a brave woman but who is that man with you 🙂 all your fans becoming jelaous here 🙂


Looks like you had a great holiday.
Congratulations, looks like you caught a fish…?

Hi Freya,

my english is worse, but i make an attempt.

If you are back in little-old germany and if you make a show in your homecountry, please tell me when.

I wan´t to buy one of the first books from your trip and i´m proud to get an autograph in it from you, Freya.

I´ll hope you understand my couderwelsh. Next time i write in german language 🙂

Have a nice time on and on and on



did a little math; if freya keeps up her prodigious pace she will be back in melbourne in 152 days….go girl go!


Congrats, Freya!!

I cant believe you made it half around Australia already!!

You look incredibly relaxed and happy, and so far I found no hints in the blog of you cursing the trip … very strange 🙂 !!!

All the best for the 2nd half!


Watkins Crew (Esperance WA)

Well done Freya,

Looks like you had a good break.

Hope you caught some nice fish.

Alan Shea

Dear Freya
Enjoy the 2nd highest as we live near the highest tides in the world, low tide at 3,5m(11ft) to 16m(53ft). I read your article in SK mag and you were talking of getting lotion on your hands and then on your paddle. The trick I use is simple–Get some cheap sandwich bags and put your hand in the bag put the lotion on. You could also use cheap latex exam gloves, from the pharmacy or hardware store. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reding your blogs

We are thinking of you daily. A great inspiration to all of us. Well done on making the half way mark. Your blog is great reading the pics make it feel like we are traveling with you. The best of luck with your onward route. Love Chris.

Mark Deuter

Enough, Freya ! All over the world, rugged he-man sea kayakers are weeping with feelings of inadequacy. 🙂
No, seriously, congratulations on your amazing achievements so far. There are many sea kayakers here in Adelaide South Australia following your progress and we all wish you the very best of luck. We hope to see you when you pass through South Australia in several months time. Cheers Mark.


hey Freya,

you are one top chick.

i am inspired by your efforts and am with you in spirit all the way.


hi Freya!
Well done on the trip so far. Your determination and no nonsense attitude are inspiring! It’s fun to follow your adventures! Have a great holiday!


Thank you so much for sharing this greatest of adventures. I’d enjoy reading about it in a book when you’re done, but this is so much better. Reading your trip blog, with your wonderful descriptions and pictures and good humor, is the most exciting thing one can do while sitting at a computer!

We understand that blogging is extra work, and that you’d rather be paddling – or sleeping! – but please know that it’s giving many people a little thrill each day. Not just your friends and trip contacts, but paddlers around the world. We’re following the yellow push pins on the maps and cheering you onward. Or is that “around-ward”?

Seattle (no crocs or water buffalo here!)

Congratulations Freya on stoming on to the halfway mark. Your day to day endurance is astonishing – I know its far from the only factor but I’d love to get some details of your diet and food arrangements if, when, you ever write the book of your travel.

Hope you have a wonderful break.

All the best, PeterO
(your Sydney taxidriver)

Inge Hartley

Congratulations Freya, how wonderful for you to be able to take a few days off and be ready for the next leg of the journey.
Will be following you every day. All the best, Inge


Enjoy a well earned holiday. Thanks for sharing all the details of your trip with us. You are making great progress.


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