Day 158, Wednesday, 24.06.2009

Busy updating my website


When I landed Tuesday night in very last light at Kooljamans, it was still not directly at the beach of the Kooljaman’s wilderness camp, where I planned to stay for some days with shower and electrical hookup for charging my batteries.

I was waiting Wednesday morning in my beach camp for Greg to pick me up. He was to drive up to Cape Leveque from Broome where he flew to after spending 3 weeks in the USA while I was paddling through the Kimberleys.

I kept myself busy with pre-writing my blog entries, when Warwick from the Kooljaman’s wilderness camp was driving along the beach, acting as a ranger as well for that area. He was stopping at my camp, and after a bit of chatting it was the best solution to load all my gear and kayak on his 4-wheel drive truck and to drive me that 1 1/2  km to the camp! I was supposed not to camp there anyway, as it was privately owned Aboriginal land and private 4-wheel-drive access is not allowed.  

Arriving at the Kooljaman’s wilderness camp, we found out ALL huts and campsites were booked, as it was high tourist season.

But there was space in a cabin at a camp at Lombadina, just 10 min drive south. No worries, that was the more quiet camp and better for my taste anyway! Kooljaman was quite a big camp, cars were driving in and out constantly, planes were low flying in over the camp to the nearby airstrip and the whole thing was additionally frequently visited by day tourists as well. Too much buzz going on…Lombadina had only accomodation in 7 friendly new clean cabins, and was not even fully booked! Perfect for staying for some quiet rest days. 

I spent my waiting time until Greg showed up at 1.30 pm with cleaning and organizing my gear, having a shower and getting excited about some nice days off with my partner!