Day 159, Thursday, 25.06.2009

I was still working all next morning on my website, when we thought we should make some phone calls to find out where Terry Bolland was on his drive up from Perth to Broome with my new epic 18 x sport expedition kayak on his roof rack!

It turned out he’ll arrive already today’s afternoon in Broome! We decided to sign out of the lovely Lombadina place, and to find some accomodation in Broome to work with Terry to outfit my new boat.

We signed up for a nice cabin on the Broome Caravan Park, but unfortunately as it was high season there as well, it was only available fro one night, and then we needed to swap to a simple tentsite or go somewhere else. We decided the tentsite was ok then for the next nights, too much luxury would spoil me… :-))

I was just happy to have a good shower available to treat my skin nicely the next days. And the Broome Caravan Park had a lovely pool! Not too much of a bad place for the next nights.

Terry Bolland arrived with my kayak at about 5pm, and we started some great chats about kayaking and life in general…he is a great guy and has a wealth of experience! And besides the new boat, he brought for me as a sponsoring gift from his own company Canoeing Down Under a big goodie bag full of kayaking and camping gear of which he thought might be useful for me! Thanks a lot for thinking so much about me and my needs, Terry!

Terry spent 3 days on the road driving from Perth to Broome with my new kayak, and will stay two nights here for helping to outfit the boat, until he is driving another 3 days down to Perth again. This means he spends a whole week on me and my needs! THANKS AGAIN, TERRY!!!

It’s x-mas time for me…

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