Day 160, Friday, 19.06.2009

It’s outfitting time! Thanks to Terry Bolland and to my partner Greg Bethune to do an increadible job today! They were busy all day on the new boat, plus getting the old one in shape again to stay as a spare kayak for me.

Terry will take the old one back down to Perth, and will display it in his shop Canoing Down Under with an entrance fee of 100$ per view ;-)). You may visit his shop and donate to his expenses! :-))

The main job left for myself will be to decorate my new kayak with all the lettering and sponsoring sticker to make it looking like the old one. Unfortunately the stickers are still on their way from Melbourne, where Peter Treby keeps stock of my not-right-now-used gear-warehouse. Thanks to Peter to do this job the last months, and to send me gear parcels back and forth!

The new kayak is the same epix 18x sport model, but with a solid-strong layup for expedition use. Some details were changed as well. Pictures of th eready-outfitted boat will be coming soon.

Terry and Greg busy with fiddling with details of my kayaks. Thanks to both of them!