Day 161, Saturday, 27.06.2009

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Hello Freya,

So far so good. Congratulations. I take almost every day a look at your tripreport. The big fat crocs must have been frightning?

But now I’m a little bit worried because I miss the daily updute. Everything still ok? And when have you planned to paddle further on to the west


Hello Freya,

It is good to hear that you are healing your wounds and getting your new boat this week. Congrats to being half way around Australia as a solo, unsupported female kayaker. A special thanks to Terry and Greg for their help. As an engineer/kayaker, I get the feeling that the team at Epic worked long, careful hours to build this boat for you, to get through this voyage. It is nice to have a company dedicated to help out users of their boats in such a concerned fashion. Also, Thule probably helped with the gear to get the boat to you. I feel your other sponsors will or have continued to help out anyway they can. I look forward to your posts/pictures and wish you a safe and enlightening journey!


Wow Freya you look awesome sweetie and well rested, The new Kayak is beautiful and should help you get the job done, have a great time and keep up the good work. Love ya. Threehawks

Chuck H.

Freya, congratulations on that beautiful new boat! And thanks to Greg and Terry for all they are doing to help you get ready for the next phase. Hope the healing process is going well. After seeing that photo of your backside, I’m amazed you could sit down to update your blog, but the evidence does not lie. I’m enjoying every word and looking forward to participating in that World-wide toast to your achievement.


Well done, have a good rest, but don’t sit on that tush too long! Ouch!!! Hope you heal up soon. New kayak looks good!
And where DID that flowery dress come from???

René Ortiz

Freya, take care on your skin!!, your new epic looks very well, take a little brake while you progress on your health. My best wishes to you.


freya: standing on your head will certainly help even out your tan? better yet, with a sail btw yr legs you could make huge miles downwind. in fact, your progress thus far is most impressive! stay strong.


Woman and boat looking good! Seems like the well earned rest break is doing you a world of good. Best wishes for a successful second half of your journey.

Watkins Crew (Esperance WA)

Hi Freya,

Well it looks like you are in good hands.

I was in Terrys shop on Thursday to book in for my “White water accreditation” for the Avon Decent.

I will be up in Perth mid July so will be able to look at the Kayak then. Looking forward to it.

Keep up the good work mate…you are doing well.

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