Day 162-166, Sunday-Thursday, 28.06.-02.07.2009

The new kayak and I are ready to go! The boat is customized to my needs and sealed, the gear is cleaned and repacked and my skin is healed (well enough) to get going again on the long haul down to Perth.

I’m launching tomorrow from the same spot where I landed before my break. Greg is driving me up to Kooljaman’s/ Cape Leveque where I’ll get wet again!

It’s amazing how much gear fits in an expedition kayak! This is about 65-75 kg of equipment, including food for the next two weeks and water for about 5-6 days. I’d rather paddle an empty boat..I may write an equipment list one day…

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Inge Hartley

Hello Freya, so good to hear that you are well again and on your way. Wishing you all the best and a safe trip. Inge:)

George Cameron

Hi Freya!

Great news on the new boat! It looks like you couldn’t fit in an extra pair of socks. Be sure you still have some flotation left.

Have a safe second half of the journey!

Greetings from California,



I keep looking at the photo of the gear outside the kayak and wonder how it fits. Must take a lot of energy to paddle that much weight through the open ocean.


And I thought I made the best use of available space! I guess I’ll have to take a lesson.

All the best for the second half, keep going, you can do it.

Hallo Freya,

haben von Deutschland aus deinen Kampf um ein neues Kajak verfolgt. Hat ja zum Glück alles geklappt. Aquapac drückt Dir weiter die Daumen: Auf dass dieses Kajak Dich jetzt sicher zum Ziel bringt. Wir sind weiter dabei! Und es ist erstaunlich, was so alles in ein kleines Kajak passt, und wieviel Energie notwendig ist, dass auch noch vorwärts zu bewegen. Wir haben schon Muskelkater vom Rasenmähen.


Wow the gear photo puts it very much in perspective. That is amazing, I would get sick of lugging that stuff around every day as well, you are doing a terrific job and staying very positive. Enjoy the upcoming change of seasons as you head south to cooler climates.


Hi Freya,
good to hear you are well looked after and ready to go again……

paddle on, look forward to hearing about the next leg

Cheers Helen

Chuck H.

As the second half of your terrific adventure begins, please know that you go with the best wishes of a worldwide host of friends and supporters. Stay safe, paddle heartily, take care of your skin and, most importantly, have a great time!


That is really an amazing photo of you and all the gear. Just in case anyone thought it was an easy task to load and unload and paddle with all that! Good luck and fair wind on the next leg of the journey! Paddle on.


Best wishes for the safe continuation of your journey. I’ve been told that there aren’t many crocs south of Broome, so I’ll rest a lot easier knowing that you probably won’t be sharing camp sites with them any more. Of course then there are the great white sharks… Take care out there.

I hope the boat is in top condition. Enjoy your paddle to Broome and beyond. See you in a few weeks or if you need help at any time on the way down the coast.

It’s cold down here, so it might pay to take your time. Say hello to Greg.

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