Day 169, Sunday, 05.07.2009

Same weather pattern again – strong easterlies in the morning, calm from lunchtime.

Some point that day I landed on the beach to have a bit of an insight what’s behing the dunes, and I found this lovely inlet…more north it would be perfect croc habitat, but they are hopefully gone for going south now.

I was 3 min close to land for the night, when I turned around the last beach’s corner and a helicopter was just taking off a lovely rock-surrounded cove…sorry to miss them that close! The tourists would probably be surprised to see me…and I wouldn’t mind chatting a bit!

The beach was steep and had a small dumper with a strong back surge. At least the dragging of the boat up the beach over the high tide mark was still short…soon the beaches will be flat and I’ll have to use my trolley!

An ultralight delta plane was landing on the beach about half an hour ago, and cars and motorbikes are driving up and down already. Some camps in the dunes. At least something to watch!

Crossing Carnot Bay that morning was more headwind than following, and the morning tide was against me. So crawling alond with 4km/hr…after that I tried to stay close in to avoid the headwind, but luckily it calmed down again after lunchtime!


Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

17.31 122.08, Quondong Beach. 55km, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. Cars,camps,boats,helicopter, ultralight plane all on the beach. Civilisation is nearing!

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Chuck H.

“Cheers and hip hip hurray, for she’s a jolly good (fellow?)….”
Second that motion (with just a slight alteration). Splice the mainbrace and down the hatch. Well done, Freya!


Have a 1/2 way drink now, 06/07/09, friends.
Cheers and hip hip hurray, for she’s a jolly good fellow….


Don’t forget to let us know when you pass Broome again, as there is plan for a global toast to you for completing more than half your journey. (Couldn’t work out exactly where the halfway mark is, so it was suggested Broome be the sybolic half way mark.) Around the world your fans have champagne at the ready, just waiting for confirmation that you are there.

Good to hear the new boat is going well. Keep up the good work.

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