Day 184, Monday, 20.07.2009


Ice cream shop in South Hedland…greetings to Janny’s Eis! 🙂



I woke as usual at 5 am, and packed my things to get off the sandbank. I was not sure if this one would stay dry on the next high tide, and I wanted to be off public view anyway. Plus chances would be good to hook up with Sheree Alsop for the next night!



I walked towards town center, and luckily got a lift by a friendly family I was asking for the way.

I needed to go to the bank, post office, print two pages and send a fax to Germany, and to do food shopping!


At lunchtime Sheree eventually called in to pick me and my kayak up from the beach and to get the stuff to her house. Thanks, Sheree!



She then took me to South Hedland where she was working for legal aid, and I spent the afternoon in the shopping centre to top up my supplies.



Late afternoon, I was receiving an e-mail form my bank about someone was obviously abusing my credit card in quite some cases…fuck them! 3000 Euros worth….luckily someone at the credit card company noticed those unusual withdrawals, and blocked the card. When I confirmed those transactions weren’t mine, the whole card needed to get cancelled…means it leaves me without credit card until I get a new one sent from Germany in some weeks time…fuck.



I was that busy with organizing my food and e-mails on planning and organisational stuff, that I was even too tired to update my blog that day…sorry. Sometimes even a full day of “rest” is too short to get everything done…what means “rest” anyway…”resr” from paddling, but no mental or physical rest.

Thanks to Sheree Alsop to give me accommodation in her house for that night!