Day 185, Tuesday, 21.07.2009


A meeting with an other kind of kayaking…



Sheree dropped me at the beach at 6am, and another paddling day was starting…

It took quite a while to get off the noisy harbour of Port Hedland, but eventually I was in my quiet flat water environment again. It is quite boring, paddling flat water only, but I’m sure I’ll be yearning to have it back when it’s getting rough…


I paddled around Cape Thoun, and was hoping to get even around the next small headland where I knew about sandy beaches only, or at least until a river mouth, but daylight time was getting short, and I had to find a gap in the exposed reef at low tide and in the cliff line behind, or I would have to paddle into the night again.


There was one kind of gap in the flat rocky reef, with very low cliffs behind. I came closer for a better look, and my decision was made by quite a breaker sweeping me towards the reef…I was luckily not hitting the rocks!


I was able to wheel the boat over the flat rocky reef, and up the steeper sandy cove between the cliffs.

I put up tent on  the dry sandy beach high up the cliffs, supervised by about 5 curious  kangaroos, or probably Wallabies.


I left the boat before the low cliffs, hoping the low high tide at night won’t get it, but at about 8.30      pm I got out of my tent for a better night’s sleep and pulled it over the belts of my trolley over the rocks to the 100% sure dry beach.


Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

20.21 118.09 behind Cape Thouin. 60km, 6:30 am to 5:30 pm. I found kind of a gap in the reef and cliffs to land. Kangaroos are watching me.

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alberto valenzuela rocha

“There is only one thing man never regrets… and that is having been brave” Jorge Luis Borges.

“We will never cease to explore…and once we are done with our discoveries, we shall reach our own port and finally we shall know it.”

T.S. Elliot

Best of Luck.

Jens Rühmann

Hallo Freya,
habe auch ein Seejak von Prion und liebe das Meer und körperliche
Herausforderungen.Bin 41 Jahre und träume schon sehr lange davon
so etwas auch mal zu machen.Komme ganz aus Deiner Nähe und würde Dich gern mal kennenlernen.Eine Frage hätte ich noch und zwar wie hälst Du Deine Beine fit.Die werden ja eigentlich gar nicht gefordert.
Wünsche Dir alles Gute und wenn es eine Frau schafft dann bist Du es und lass Dich nicht fressen. Jens


Not all ‘roo’s are like Skippy, some can be vicious blighters, so take care, even if not so bad as crocs, they have their own issues.

Hello Freya. WOW 185 days now, I don’t know if I could have made it that far, I kayak all the time and think I’m pretty stronge and a damn good paddler but a whole year of paddling around Australia, Well alI I can say is that your my hero and I would love to paddle with you some day but thats just a dream hehehe One can dream can’t one, Please don’t forget me when your book comes out hehehe, All the best Freya oxoxoxoxox be safe sweetie Love Threehawks

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