Day 187, Thursday, 23.07.2009

Another piece of wreck I was passinng on launching from Depuch Island…


The paddle across Sherlock Bay was nothing special, just another (boring…) flatwater day, but after a long phone call to Greg with some not too exciting news I regained my energy to paddle hard the last leg and decided to rather make the 60 km to Point Samson where a light yellow beach was lurking from the distance rather than to one of the islands to the left.

I just about landed again in last light, to notice that the lovely yellow beach was qute wide on again f….. lowest tide at night…so another wheeling effort until I got to the high and dry sand.

But I was lucky to notice there must be a campsite above my beach camp – means another hot shower!!! Nice…and I was able to get online that night for some e-mails, checked Google Earth about the next landing sites and had a look on the weather forecast – nothing special besides the usual low wind from all sides. It was supposed to breeze up quite a bit with easterlies (following…) on Sunday, so nothing to worry so far…this is what I thought.


Text mesage from Freya via satellite phone:

20.37 117.11 Point Samson. 60 km,  7:00 to 6:00 pm. A boring flatwater paddle way offshore…but a sneak-in hot shower on the campsite was the highlight of the day!

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