Day 189, Saturday, 25.07.2009

I noticed the previous night in last light, the Searipple Passage is dry on low tide, even for my kayak.

As I was much worn out from that last day’s crossing, I was happy to start late and to take a slow, easy paddle for the last 15 km Dampier.


There, I would meet Alan Melville, an experienced outdoorsman and kayaker who already gave me plenty of useful advice on blog comments regarding crocs, snakes and other nasty things.


We agreed via cell phone from the water to meet in Whitnell Bay north of Dampier, where a boat launching ramp was and where we probably could set up camp.


I was already typing all morning in my beach camp from 5.30am until 10am some pre-writings of blog updates, so that I could post them quickly once in cell phone and e-mail range again.


When I arrived in the bay, I just rinsed my body from the salt water, changed, and quickly set up my mobile office on a rock and posted updates, that I was mostly done when Alan would arrive. Tell me about a “day off”…



Alan showed up at about 4pm, with a 4-wheel drive with a kayak and bike on the roof rack, plus towing a caravan. Those were all his wealthy possessions! He is living in the caravan only, being an electrician on oil rigs in the field somewhere in the Dampier/ Onslow hinterland. He found a nice niche in the dunes to park his caravan, and I set up my tent besides.


The most marvellous thing he brought with him was freshly baked bread he was just finishing in his bread maker on the previous campsite! Delicious, plus some smoked salmon! We chatted for quite a while, and I got a nice lamb and veggie dinner cooked later. Thanks, Alan!


He offered as well to take me around for some days sightseeing, as he was off work until Saturday, as I was looking vey tired…and I was.

I couldn’t tell him “yes” yet, as I wanted to see how I’m feeling tomorrow and how the forecast was going to be for the next days.




20.34 116.47 Whitnell Bay Dampier 11to14 15km

I’m not paddling far today, just to the north of Dampier to give my body some more rest, to update my blog and to catch up with Alan Melville. More later.

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G’DAY Freya looks like you will have strong winds for a few days more , Its COLD down this way 2 degrees in Geraldton and only 5degrees here in Kalbarri.Keep up the great Effort mate !!!!

Watkins Crew (Esperance WA)

Love the reports Freya,

Keep up the great work.

I know I keep saying it but………..there are a lot of people keeping an eye on you.

You are doing what a lot of people could only wish they could a fraction of.

Well done mate…

I am heading to Perth on Wednesday to take part in the Avon Desent this weekend so will call into Terrys and have another look at you kayak.

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