Day 192, Tuesday, 28.07.2009


Another island day, Pup Island, Great Sandy Island, East Island, Middle Mary Island, Large Island, West Island, False Island, Little Rocky Island, North Mangrove Island, all passing them closer or just seeing them from the distance.

All of them were quite flat, so I could barely make them out on approaching only about 12 km away. All of them would be worth a landing and exploring, but I had to keep on going…


I was not quite sure about a landing on Middle Mangrove Island, as I didn’t expect to land there and didn’t had a look on Google Earth for it.

I was quite happy to see two sand spits coming up on getting closer, one in the north, one in the south. There were not only mangroves like on north and South Mangrove Island…good landing. Or I had to paddle on to the coast or even to Onslow that night…


I chose the southern sand spit, which was just about good to land on mid-tide. As the tide went lower, ugly rocks were exposed, so starting early tomorrow!


Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

Middle Mangrove Island, southern spit. (I’m standing on a high dune with my Blackberry for reception with no GPS…)
7:00 am to 5:30 pm, 55 km. What to say? Just another paddling day…strong beam wind with some strange contra-productive waves the morning, calm the afternoon. 30 km to Onslow tomorrow for food shopping and mail pick-up.

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martin blasco

I’ve just known about your incredible trip by reading the last issue of Canoe&Kayak magazine.
What a dream! You’re amazing!
Salud, from South Salem, NY.


hi Freya,if you need anything in Exmouth, let me know.I paddled Kalumburu to Exmouth in the early 90s and would be happy to help out in any way.

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