Day 193, Wednesday, 29.07.2009


I got a text message from Alan Melville, he would be waiting form me at Onslow and had even booked a campsite for both of us! Nice, thannks, Alan!


So a half day’s paddle, and a hot shower, laundry, shopping, company and some good food is waiting! Not too bad for a lonely, exhausted traveller!


We were communicating via cell phone about where to head to, but Alan was spotting me only 2-3 km away from the coast. A kayak is hard to see on the ocean!


He was waiting at the beach, with a borrowed wheel barrow from the campsite for my gear. Good he noticed in time the guy owning it used it last for an oil change…so he filled it up with a layer of sand first before loading my bags. I put the half-empty kayak then on my trolley, and we were marching about a km towards the campsite.


The hot shower felt like heaven, as usual! I had half a day for organizing my things, so the washing machine got filled by Alan while I had the shower, he already has picked my mail from the post office, and next on the list was food shopping for another about 12 days until Carnarvon.


Back at the campsite, I felt more like relaxing than like food packing or parcel unpacking or even updating my blog…plus some other organisation e-mails had to be done, and Google Earth to be checked out, and the food packing in ziplocks wasn’t done by itself.

I was falling asleep quite late, so much for “a half day off!”




Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

Onslow Caravan Park. 30 km, 7.:30 am to 12:30 pm. A short paddle to civilisation, shower, food shopping and repairs. The day is too short again for everything.

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Chuck H.

Congratulations on reaching the end of Stage 9. More than 60% of the Australian coastline now lies astern. You really are DOING IT!

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