Day 20, Friday 06.02.2009

 padddling topless for a while to get some sun on my sore skin…


I had to motivate myself today to get off the lovely Broullee Island, but the wind was quiet as a millpond early morning, so I needed to go…forcasted again stron headwind later in the day, see how far we’ll get…


It was hot as hell all day, and boring flat…I played around more than paddling, sunning my upper body skin sores by paddling topless for an hour…quite nice actually! Just paddling bottomless is another challenge and to get sun on the bottom on paddling…I may try a sarong silky cloth around my hips only the next hot quiet day…the sprayskirt was off all day anyway.


But as the day and the heat wore on and no wind was in sight at all, although forecasted to get nasty in the afternoon, I needed to be creative again – inventing the permanent paddler’s coldwatershower by putting my soaking wet sponge on my head and let it drip down for about lovely ten minutes by keeping on paddling for sure…then repeat again…just the cockpit is filling up eventually and pumping out is another welcome break with “household issues” on the water…


 Paddling with a dripping soaking sponge on the head gives you a good upright paddling posture  as well :-))


After 60 km I decided to pull into Burrill Beach, as going on further would include a crossing of a bay to St. Georges Head – or going inside with a detour. I could have gone into Ulladulla harbour, but wasn’t too sure about the campsites there.

The shower on the parking lot was enough for me to feel comfortable, and I put up right besides my boat in the beach. Out of sight of other “official” campsites this time…only one curious couple coming up to me and asking about the trip. I was actually happy about some peace!




Message via satellite phone:

35.23 150.26 80 km Burrill Beach with easy surflanding

I found a coldwatershower at the parking lot, what a relief, but I camp directly on the beach. The campsite is just too far to walk..