Day 21, Saturday 07.02.2009

Crossing the Burrill Inlet to the parking lot, I was stepping almost on some of these 60 cm long stingrays…


I arrived at Burrill Beach last night in fully quiet wind and water, and it was still 100% quiet at 5 am when I was waking as usual…

Shall I stay or shall I go?

I was hesitating, the forecast said strong winds coming up, but this is what they said last afternoon already and there was nothing…typing a message to Karel, and he promised me I wouldn’t get very far…he was right…at 8 am the wind started to kick in like hell! I may have made it to Ulladulla harbour that morning, but not further.

It was a boiling hot day, about 40 degrees, only possible to stand that in the shade and breeze somewhere. So I packed all my electronics, and dared to leave the tent and boat alone, hoping my sandpegs will hold.

I walked into the little village to find a cafe for breakfast and electrical outlet for charging my computer whilst typing. The walnut-banana-pancakes I enjoyed were actually worth a weatherday! Just the internet connection via modem was working not constantly in that cafe, so I left after a while to find a shady and windy spot in a park at a picknick table with better connection. But after a while I started to get worried about my tent and gave it a quick check from the distance – everything still ok.

I didn’t want to sit in the tent already, and checked on another connective spot on the parking lot *with* some shade – there was the only option to sit right upfront the men’s toilet entrance in a bit of shade with more or less good internet :-))

But the real bugger of the day was what I was writing in the “Technical help needed” entry already – my memorystick stopped working, and my cellphone-PDA showed some heat-saltwatrespray-wahtever-issues…it’s better now, but still not 100% perfect :-((  One thing which really drives me nuts is when my electronics are not working…too much of them around anyway. 

A swim in the sea late in the day cooled me off, and the freshwatershower was waiting again…luxury for my skin…I went to bed early, expecting an early start tomorrow. It recieved different, mostly marginal forecasts, and I was listening all night more or less if the wind went down a bit – I thought it did…the hope of getting some distance in tomorrow made me even pre-cooking some couscous for lunch! The almost full moon shining in one tent  openeing, the parking lot lights into the other – my natural alarm clock went a couple of times that night to tell me it is already dawning…

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My grandmom stepped on one of those rays in Australia… dont do that! Took ten years and many many operations to get that fixed.

I would also like to add that you better be extremely carfull with your boat! Backing through surf waves etc will probably bust your rudder and the mounting brackets I can imagine…

I am sure you can survive most ordeals and I am positive that you will battle your way through the most physical challenges etc, but to be honest, I am not completely sure your boat is. Not because it is an Epic or whatever, they do nice strong boats, but more so that the conditions you are paddling it in day in day out, the load, and also the odd little clumsy accident will one day take its toll…

But you might have thought of this to 😉

Good luck!

Just got back from my trip and am busy updating myself on your progress. The blog is looking really good, great pics and stories!

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