Day 22, Sunday, 08.02.2009

2 Lady’s Teams from the Mollymook Outrigger Canoe Club at Ulladulla Harbour


Yep, I need to give it a go this morning, I thought, though “smelling” outside the wind was still not too much down…

The launch proved to be tricky on the surf beach, as a strong sidewash and surge pulled me sideways on the first try, and for sure I had to get a full cockpit of solid sandwater on jumping out and straightening the boat…

I dared to ask one of the early morning fishermen for help – he agreed, but he was not helpful at all, once noticing he might get too wet, he just let go of the bow instead of holding it straight and I was eventually sitting backwards surfing onto the beach after a big surge…not too bad actually, as I then just paddled strongly backwards back into the surf…coordinating the unusual rudder in this way…I got some waves on my back, but none into my face :-)) – and after about four or five moderate breakers I was out, showing that “helpful” fisherman the upright middlefinger from the distance.

But about 1/2 hrs later the water and wind turned into unpleasant stuff again! I had three options – carry on across to St. Georges head, 25 km across pretty much offshore facing the waves and wind directly, or hugging the coast getting it more or less sideways, at least at first, or going into Ulladulla harbour for shelter.

After about five times correcting the course, checking my GPS speed and hesitating again I decided the straight course was not worth the risk, and the sideways breakers not much fun in 2-3 meters seas, so the relatively short 1/2 hr ride into the shelter of Ulladulla harbour was the option to go. It was still pretty scary, having the stuff from the stern again…but none of the breakers got me! Luckily…

I looked around – an inviting remote town beach to the right, the harbour between short breakwaters – I was curious in the then calm waters and pulled into the harbour – just to run into two HUGE outrigger canoes with 5 ladys in them each! These were the right ones to talk to, I decided, and they advised me to pull onto the beach to the right where they store their canoes soon as well!

The ladys from the Mollymook Outrigger Canoe Club after their Sunday morning paddle


I checked the latest weather forecast on my satphone with Karel – and the latest update proved right what I was feeling – nothing to be out there any more…so another two days off, as Monday will be even worse windwise.

I decided to put up my tent right between the two huge outriggers stored at the beach, envisioning already a nice homesite with laundry hanging facilities on the outriggers and some backrest on the huge canoes for the next two days – but first I found a toilet building with freshwater to give myself a rinse and my paddling clothes a fresh wash.

When I was done, outside was Judy, one of the outrigger ladys waiting for me asking me to join her and to move into her beautiful basement apartement for the time I need to weather off in Ulladulla…how can I say no! A bit of luxury is always welcome – there will be wilderness enough further up north!

So we drove to her house, and I came back with Shayne, her husband, to load the rest and my baot! Thanks a lot!!!

The washing of the gear in their backyard brought about a kilo of sand out of m ycoclpit from the stupid launch, although I was shoveling out already a kilo on the beach!…good to have freshwater hose available…

We’ll see how long I need to weather out here – not too bad of a place, actually! When I’m eventually done with computer stuff this afternoon, I might even enjoy a walk into town tomorrow! Civilisation has got me back for a while…

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Matthew Berenz


Hello From New York USA.
I think it’s amazing what your doing and wish you God Speed!

peter fahrenkrog

hallo freya
ich verfolge deinen bericht hier fast täglich und kann einfach nur sagen RESPECT!
Erinnerst du dich an unsere schlauchbootfahrt über den lankersee
in preetz vor 25 jahren-ja ist echt ein vierteljahrhundert her-schon damals war ich froh das ich dich dabei hatte…
du schaffst das!
lg Peter

Anna Mallin

I’ve been reading your blog with great interest and am cheering you on!

You mention “technical problems” and I wanted to share a suggestion.

One of your problems is to assure that your photos don’t get “lost”. You might solve this problem with several memory cards which can be kept in dry storage in the case you can’t immediately transfer the images to your computer. You night acquire several memory cards and, perhaps, an extra battery. The memory cards are tiny and could certainly be double or triple-packaged in waterproof bags.

My own solution is to use an Olympus Stylus waterproof camera. A new “Stylus Tough” is just coming on the market – see The “Tough” takes a 2 gb memory card – or a micro SD memory card. You can transfer photos directly to your computer with a USB cable or, presumably, use a separate “card reader” or the SD slot on your computer. In the event that your computer isn’t working and your memory card is filling up – you can just change the memory card.

The “Tough” is advertised as being “freeze-proof” – which is not, of course, of interest to you at the moment! It is also rated to operate at 40C.

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