Day 210, Saturday, 15.08.2009

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Jan & Laurie Sutton

Hi Freya, we saw you come into Kalbarri yesterday 19th Aug. What a mammoth trip you have just done. It’s not a real friendly coast line from Steep Point to Kalbarri. Well Done!!! Phil H from Kalbarri (who canoe’d you in to Kalbarri) let us know you were coming. Hope you have had a great rest here and continue on safely. Will be watching to see how you go. Take care and be safe for the rest of your journey. Best Wishes for you. Jan & Loz

Doug Stirling

After reading more about this unbelievable woman and her journey I needed to finish the Ode to Freya so here’s the rest of the limerick:

Some writers call her the Black Widow
OK but she sure ain’t no minnow!
Traversing nine thousand miles
Imagine finish line smiles
Only woman to go it solo.

Self-described as the Woman in Black
Wind in her hair, sun on her back
She’s re-defined poop deck
Sanitary? What the heck?
Let’s not give her any grief or flak.

Her motto of “Faster is Better”
Will make Freya a record-setter
Facing conditions we would fear
She just shifts in another gear
A million euro this may net her!


Your very welcome Freya, it was such a pleasure to meet you and an honour to help you out. Hit it out of the park!! My friend Alisha will be waiting for you with tender massaging hands in Melbourne!!!

x x

PaddleHEAD Pete

Thoroughly enjoying following your progress. All the best in these next few legs. Look forward to your arrival in Perth. If anyone is organising a dinner for you, we would love to know?. Wintery winds in Perth at present.



Freya, glad to see you have got to see the dolphin feeding, the weather looks great,,take your time coming down the coast its still winter down here, blowing a gale,cold and windy,,cheers,,Shorty (Perth)

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