Day 215, Thursday, 20.08.2009

I woke this morning already quite refreshed, just feeling some normal sore muscles in my body after the physical action of the last two days.

The plan of action today was having a good breakfast first. Terry and I were visiting the local “Black Rock Café“, and I had a cheese omelett with fresh mushrooms, a caramel milkshake and a pile of crepes with maple sirup and butter. Delicious! Just what the doctor ordered…

John Molcher, the chef and owner, came later up to our table and invited us for dinner! The word of mouth of my exploits has obviously already spread around Kalbarri 🙂 – thanks, John!

After waving Terry good bye and thanking him for coming up, my next appointment for the day was a free visit at Loretta’s “Wavelengh” hairdresser’s salon, right besides the post office. Thanks very much, Loretta! I already tried to get my hair done in Denham, but unfortunately the only lady there was fully booked out.

I got rid of all my grey and from permanently sun and salt impact faded hair with a fresh new natural brown color. It feels like getting 10 years younger 🙂

Unfortunately Loretta herself was not present for a promo picture, but her employee did a great job on me. Thanks again to both!


Ken was already on standby outside to pick me up, and he took me to th elocal supermarket for some food shopping for the next leg.

I was packing my food in ziplocks as usual at home, when it was time for a free visit at Alison’s “Sea Shores” rejuvenation spa, for getting rid of another 10 years of age… 🙂

Alison was pampering me with an acupressure massage, and then put me in her floatation tank for deep mental and physical relaxing. This was really a treat! Thanks very much, Alison! I even found two lovely x-mas gifts for my son in her well-sorted shop, and treated Ken with some chocolats out of her sortiment to thank him for his attention.

Ken was already on standby for driving, and I decided to follow up John’s invitation to be his guest for dinner at the Black Rock Café. I had Kangaroo fettucine, this delicious lean meat could become actually my favourite! Thanks very much, John, for the invitation to this yummy dinner! His café was almost booked out that night, it seems to be quite a popular spot! No wonder, with this yummy food and lovely service… 

The day went by fast with all those lovely appointments and few chores, I feel Kalbarri is a very friendly place to stay! I fell into bed early, feeling I had still to catch up with a bit of sleep. I decided the next day will be off as well for recovery and office work.