Day 216, Friday, 21.08.2009

Feeling sick in my bones today, everything hurts, a bit of temperature, some flu virus took unfortunately over. No paddling tomorrow yet. Just sleeping and relaxing.

And I was already guessing after that pampering, relaxing day yesterday with lots of good food I’ll recover soon and very easy…but obviously that flu virus took it’s chance to take over my weakened and stressed body and weakens me even more now for a while. So wait and see and feel how it goes the next days.

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my bro john has been having me watch your trip, since we got back from a much easy’er adventure .. rest is a good thing. .chill for a while, and good luck


Hi Freya,
absolut bewundernswert…weiterhin viel Glück..!
Take care…!
gruesse….Heiko ( der Triathlet aus Itzehoe )

Martin & Fiona

Well done Freya, stoke up on some good food and take in the well deserved rest. Thank you very much for taking the time to post your blog, we really appreciate it. Fiona

Chuck H.

Just read the first two of your full posts on the cliffs stage … very sobering … and absolutely horrifying! Even compared with Terry Bolland’s graphic description of his own northbound Zuytdorp adventure, which was scary enough. Certainly am glad it turned out OK, and looking forward to the rest of the cliffs story. Hope you are feeling better.

Watkins Crew (Esperance WA)

As Jorg said…have a good rest…..The weather down here has been crap……


Rest up for the next stage Freya, your body is telling you what a mighty effort you have put in to pass the cliff section…pamper youself for a while!

Frank Fichtmueller

Kein Wunder, dass Du Dir nach der T(ort)our enlang den Zuytdorp Cliffs ziemlich ausgelutscht vorkommst, Freya – zeig mir jmand, dem es nicht so ginge. Mach langsam: Die Erde dreht sich auch noch in drei, vier Tagen und der Rest der Tour läuft Dir nicht davon. Grüsse aus D, Frank


Hallo Freya, die Jannys Mädels lassen grüssen. Wir haben heute unseren Saison Grillabend bei mir zu hause. Alles ist vorbereitet und wir denken an dich. Wünschen dir natürlich gute Besserung und weiterhin viele schöne aufregende Tage auf deiner Reise. Werde ein paar Fotos machen und sie dir schicken. Ganz liebe Grüße von Ilona

Alloy Gilbert

Howdy Freya,
Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you feel better soon. As someone wrote R&R may be the ticket for this one. Get well soon and stay strong.



Take some time and recover. It’s exciting watching your adventures. Wishing you the best and a quick recovery.

Kalbarri Phil

Hey Freya Enjoy Kalbarri and Kens Hospitality,Rest up you deserve it after Tuesday/Wednesdays BIG EFFORT !!!!!!!!!

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