Day 219 +220, Monday + Tuesday, 24.+25.08.2009


I woke this morning feeling a little bit less pain, from now on it has to go up again! I had a shower, and am now sitting nice and warm in my bed, still weak, but the flu feeling is less. At least I’ll be able to update today from last Wednesday.

Just again feeling very sorry for missing out a lowish wind day today. It will be headwinds around 15-20 kn all week long, and today is “only” 10-15kn, and even less in the afternoon. There are half days with little under 15kn, but the next leg is a 60km stint to Port Gregory. No other landings. So maybe on Wednesday I’ll be fit enough to clench my teeth into the 60 km headwind leg after this horrible weakening flu period is fully over.


I felt like I had to go for a town walk today, to check if I am feeling strong enough to possibly get going again tomorrow. The forecast didn’t look too bad.


I noticed I was still a bit weak, but with some frequent sit downs and another great lunch at the Black Rock Café (thanks, John!!!) I was happy to stay out almost all day.


I even felt like shopping around a bit for some sexy dresses – I need a few more airy dresses in this climate! Especially when there is a “special someone”  you like to look nice for…

And I found one – “The Ultimate Black Dress” by Sacha Drake! Sinful expensive (not sponsored…), plus the matching belt, but as it was kind of a changeable dress where you can drape the stretchy top in more than 20 styles, it is really well worth the money!

Don’t tell me women go shopping when they need to cheer themselves up a bit…I felt like I deserved a bit of self-pampering, even after the great overall treatment here in Kalbarri!


Back at Ken’s home, he has ordered some take-away noodles with prawns for the two of us. Thanks, Ken! I would have loved to share a bit more of your company, but being sick I was mostly happy by myself. Just hope I didn’t pass the virus on to you…

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I’ve checked the VSCK site and it looks like Freya has moved forward out of Kalbarri. With being sick and all, I could understand delaying blog entries for now, even though I love to read them. What do you say anyways when your just so sick and just resting and trying to eat? I wonder if some of Freya’s good friends could cover on these times as I think Freya is mostly concentrated in getting in the water and making headway.

Thanks to Kerry and Ad Moerman for your words and the timely info!

Go Freya! Your getting into the home strech! Be strong! Perth is just around the corner!

Seattle, WA

Chuck H.

Thanks for the good news, Ad.

And, Kerry, your sentiments are beautifully stated and, I’m sure, widely shared.

ad moerman

I agree with Kerry. Freya writes very good. And it’s good to see she is wandeling again. Look at the VSKC- site!

Kerry Parslow

Freya, how are you doing in your recovery? After 4 days we have not heard from you but we hope you are just relaxing, feeling good, enjoying hospitality and getting provisions and gear sorted for the next leg. Maybe the weather has locked you down? Maybe Edda has talked to you and can give us an update if you are too busy.

Your updates have been amazing — your writing is so descriptive it made me seasick myself to just read about the Zuytdorp passage!! I was so hungry for more tales of your adventures this week that I went back through to read some reports from the early part of your journey that I missed before. Every entry is fascinating but your photo and comments on the giant stone penis made me laugh so hard I scared the cat.

This is one of the things I find so great about your trip journals, your sense of humor and easy-going attitude about everything. I read a lot of first person books by explorers and folks who undertake ambitious expeditions. I find most men are very over-dramatic about their exploits and challenges but you are so casual and upbeat about even the most dramatic events. I love your confidence and enthusiasm and even that you take time to go to the beauty parlor during the lay-overs — a woman can be strong, skilled AND still sexy.

So hail to you, Shakti goddess of the waves, and we all await your further travels!


Inge Hartley

Freut mich ungemein dass es Dir wieder besser geht.
Eine schreckliche Krankheit diese Grippe, alles Gute, denke viel an Dich, Inge:)


Freya, you are a total inspiration to so many of us who only wish we could do what you do, regardless of gender! I pray you are recovered from the flu by now, and that the rest of your journey is a cake-walk from here, especially compared to the obstacles you recently conquered. Go girl!

Robert Whitefield

Freya, on the mend. Go only if it all feels right. When your
strength has returned you are invincible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Vaya con dios amiga, Roberto


You’ll know when your body is ready for the next effort, Freya…it’s true, there’ll be more wind as you head south toward the Southern Ocean, but it will be early summer in just a few weeks, so hopefully the weather will begin to be a little warmer. This time of year is usually fairly windy.

Whatever you decide to do on Wednesday, resting or paddling, enjoy it!

Simon Birch

Hi Freya, If the surf’s up you really should check out Jake’s Point (about 3km South of Kalbarri) and watch the surfers. It’s arguably the best spot in Aus, and you can get up very close to the action by foot. Even better by Kayak, but that would be extra paddling!


DAYS 211 to 215 UPDATED ON BLOG!!!

Thanks for the hint Ad, when I read what you wrote I thought hang on, I’m missing something.
I hadn’t expected any updates yet considering Freya was pig? sick!!

Thanks for updates, but do take your rest, kid!

PS: Glad you survived, sorry you had such a bitch of a night.

Ad Moerman

What a night between 18 and 19 august!!! You wrote a true horror-story about it. More important: you survived.

Behind my desk and looking at de map of Australia I think the next few months you get probably more wind en higher waves then de first part of the journey. So don’t push your luck!


Es gibt ein Sprichwort: Den Tüchtigen hilft das Glück (fortes fortuna adjuvat). Stell Dir vor, der Virus hätte Dich vor den Klippen lahmgelegt. Das hätte mächtig ins Auge gehen können. Also erhol Dich gut.

Viele Grüße


Glad to hear you are starting to feel better, the last leg would have taken a bit to recover from without the flu.

There is an entry through the reef into Lucky Bay on the way to Port Gregory if needed but I am sure you already know that.


Ashley (Kalbarri)

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