Day 228, Wednesday, 02.09.2009







In the morning the sea was littered with whitecaps, and I decided to take it slow and rather enjoy a good breakfast in the sheltered caravan. I didn’t feel like plugging again into 25kn headwinds…


But after a good feed of eggs on toast, pancakes, fruit and yoghurt I noticed the wind had eased a little, enough to make me feel guilty not to go and at least give it a try for a while with again an empty boat on an easy sheltered coastline…


But that day felt like stronger wind compared to yesterday, and I had a hard time to stay over 5km/ hr. But by myself and with a loaded boat I may have not gone out at all! The plan was to make it at least around Green Head, which was supposed to be a bit ugly with the reef break coming close to the cliffs.


But about 8 km short of Green Head I saw Tim and Levi on the beach, and was happy to call it a day at 4pm with 30 km. It was better than “no” progress! Not much fun paddling that day! It was just an ugly slog.


I quickly changed and we drove out to Point Louise before the actual Green Head and had a look on that notorious point. It was low tide, but there was still a gap of more or less unbroken water between the cliffs and the surf zone. I could pass through close to the cliffs without having to go out into the seemingly endless breakers zone. Thank goodness! It would be high tide tomorrow morning, and the reef platform may be even covered with water and the gap even wider. So no worries on that point…


Text message from Freya vi satellite phone:

30.00 114.57, before Green Head.  10:00 am to 4:00 pm,  30km. I’m sick of 25 to 20 knot headwinds again all day after a rough night…really draining, even on flat water. But nice coastline!

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Graham Ey

Freya, What a remarkable effort from a remarkable woman. You are an inspiration to all people. Like Paul , You truly amaze me with your staminar and will to succeed.
Keep working, I’m following your progress arround my big Island.
Regards Graham Ey

Hi Freya, auch wir haben starke Winde aus Nordwest verbunden mit Regen, unser Problem sind dann aber nur durchnässte Stuhlkissen, aufgeweichte Tischkarten und abknickende Sonnenschirme 🙂 Sonst läuft alles rund, bis bald mal wieder auf Skype liebe Grüße Ilona und das Jannys Team


Incredible effort Freya, great to see you finding ways to enjoy the experience even though nature is testing you out with viruses and headwinds. Look after yourself and enjoy the scenery.

Ash Nesbit

Keep paddling Freya some north westers are heading your way!! yeh 🙂 . tomorrow 15 knots in the north all day East in the morning NW in the afternoon increasing wind and swell.


Weather report today (Thursday) shows easterly winds, so hope that leads to a few days of easier paddling. All the best, hope to meet you somewhere on your journey (I was in Perth while you were paddling around Queensland, and now I’m in Queensland)


I thought about you as I paddled in headwinds today. What an inspiration you are, but I am sure you know that already. I am so excited to see your journey progress as I have followed your trip from the start and see that you are so close now to Perth! Hope you will take a rest from the wind there. Paddle on!


Freja! You are doing such a fantastic job! I´m amazed how well your body and spirit handles the monotonous job. Not many people are capable of running a marathon day after day. So how do you mentally tackle long lasting headwinds? I used to love headwinds, and at times I tried singing into it but I never remebered the lyrics to a whole song, just bits and pieces, not much use then.


Great to hear a positive comment to cap off a somewhat dreary day for you. Keep the spirits up.

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