Day 231, Saturday, 05.09.2009


The night was rough! I was so stupid to quickly put up my tent on the open beach instead of seaking shelter in the dune belt in the dusk. But convenience and shivering that night didn’t make me thinking about a better wind shelter and I trusted my Hillberg Allak tent.

But I had to get out of the tent twice that night to press the sandpegs back deep into the sand, and to make the tent lines even tighter that the strong gusts couldn’t do any harm to me and my tent!

I was shoveling a small wall of sand all around my tent walls to prevent flying sand getting inside too much, but no way…this beach had “flour” sand, the finest grid you can find, and it got inside my tent through the bug net with ease from wind out of any corners…I was eventually inside my sleeping bag dry and warm, but covered with a layer of white “flour” and allover me and my gearbags. Bloody dirty mess!!!

Next morning behind my tent and kayak there was quite a new sand dune built up! My paddling clothes, hung out on my paddle to get dry in the wind over night, were a sandy block of fabric…

The sea got a mess over night as well, even behind the small shelter of the Wedge Island, and during the day the wind didn’t subside! I eventually decided to move my tent into a dune gap which felt like a wind shelter, but there it was actually the same story, just a bit less violent…it didn’t take long and all my freshly more or less cleaned gear inside the tent was covered again with a layer of white “flour” sand…

I was walking a bit along the beach and discovered where that strong smell came from that night – a whale carcass, stranded alreday some month ago and cut into two pieces already by a chain saw in an unsuccessfull try to lift it off the beach, was a sad leftover from probably another stormy night! You can sse the crosscut through the spine…the other, head piece is lying a bit further south.