Day 25, Wednesday, 11.02.2009

Bulli Pool in the middle of the surf


The weather was marginal again that morning, again forecasted 25-35 kn following winds…I decided to stay in after the last 80 km-day and to get some rest and chores done.

I checked if Andrew Divola, the boat builder who outfitted my boat already at the beginning of the trip, was able to come down to Bulli to install my new rudder which was already sent from epic kayaks, but unfortunately he was bound with kids and the drive down was too long, plus installation time was supposed to take at least a day or an overnight job.


The solution was another one: As I had to take care about my unwilling memory stick as well, I contacted Stephan Meyn, who sent me a note after my “Technical help needed” blog entry. *He* had time that day to drive down to see me and to try a rescue of the stick! Thanks, Stephan!!!!

And as he was here then, having a roof rack installed, why not bringing me and the kayak to Sydney to Andrew’s place and get the job done on the spot on this and the next’s day off…agreed! Stephan drove me and my kayak to Sydney, Andrew made time in his workshop, starting in the afternoon and being ready with the job next day at lunchtime! Perfect!

A BIG thanks to Stephan driving me around, and to Andrew doing the job on the spot then!

We visited some shops as well in the afternoon, and I got a new long sleeve fleece paddling shirt, simply *bought*, not sponsored…it will keep me warm the next days until the weather itself will be “Australian” again!

Stephan arranged an overnight stay and dinner at Raewyn Duffy’s house. Thanks to Raewyn and her husband Neil for hosting me and arranging a nice dinner!

Myself, Michael Steinfeld (president NSW Sea Kayak Club), Raewyn Duffy (my host), Audrey McDonald (Michael’s partner), Stephan Meyn (my day host and driver…), Neil Duffy (my host)


Message via satellite phone:

I’m staying in today doing chores, looks like it’s a touch too much out there to get to Sydney.

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Hi Freya, Excellent effort to date. Are yo planning to come into Sydney Harbour? If not where are you planning to stop, do you need any help? If not is there any chance of paddling out and meeting you as you go past Sydney if you know when that might be?
Regards Phil

Robyn & Gary Atkins

We are following your progress with interest, after meeting you on Dalmeny Beach. That morning was very special & exciting. Photographed you as you prepared the kayak for your voyage & departure out to sea. These photographs will be special memories.

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