Day 262, Tuesday, 06.10.2009


My first catch of fish in my life, two on one line!



The forecast for today was 15-25 kn headwinds all day, nothing inviting at all to paddle.


We decided to stay dry, and I was typing all morning on my blog updates. We were both sitting quite comfortable in the back of our van and were busy on the computers.


Around lunchtime it was boat-check-up time, and we did some repairs here and there, including inserting new parts for the rudder set up which was a bit worn out from my every day’s (ab)use.



The boys were happy to do some fishing late afternoon, and I was taught first time in my life how to set up a fishing rod and how to hold it! I even caught some of the about 30 fish of the day’s catch! Single fish, two on one line…it seemed to be easy! Rex’s eleven year old daughter Kayla was happy to fish, too, and quite successful as well. How I’d love to have my own 13-year old son Helge here fishing…Our catch were all about 30 cm Herrings, Whitings and Skippies.



Greg and Rex were busy filleting the catch later, and our dinner was a delicious feed of homegrown veggies and self-caught fish. What a delight!


I was reading Karel’s weather forecast later on my sat-phone, and there was nothing good for the next days…Wednesday and Thursday minimum would stay with 20-25kn headwinds, then we’ll see…


Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

No paddling today and tomorrow. Too ugly, too uninviting headwinds.

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Good looking pair of little fish! Also a skillful looking pair of fish cleaners. If you can ever get your son to Australia (or Greg to Germany), I’d be willing to bet that there wouldn’t be much about fishing that Greg couldn’t teach.


great to se how happy you look- enjoy this new phase of your journey and stay safe- we are all paddling with you


Can you send me your gps co-ordinate for your fishing spot………

Maybe try trawling a lure behing your kayak……

Keep paddling going great!!!

Chuck H.

Rose, Thanks for the encouraging words. Nice to see that you are on top of the situation.
For the future of water sports Down Under, there’s nothing so important as a vigorous lobbying organization, well supported by the grass roots, to keep the politicos pounded down, scared and inactive. We have proved that in the U.S. with the NRA, AARP and several other outfits that smart elected officials now fall all over themselves to avoid antagonizing. With all the coastal watersports participants in Australia, there is a really awesome potential for a real powerhouse pressure group, IF folks will get behind it with time, enthusiasm and money.


For those who are worried about how the new SA laws may affect Freya…it’s already in hand. If an exemption can be obtained for her, it will be. However, at this point, it seems that the powers that came up with the idea of adding this regulation are a little short on definition and detail. I don’t think they really have any idea themselves about what will be required of us to be granted an exemption.

If no sense can be got from them quickly, the news media should be able to get them moving…a politician who caused an expedition such as this to be cut short or penalised could end up looking rather silly. I suspect that, given that they appear to have added this regulation somewhat arbitrarily, not to mention hastily, that they will be inclined to ‘turn a blind eye’ in Freya’s case. However, we will see.

This is not new legislation, as such…it is a new regulation, added to existing legislation, which required of kayakers only that they wear an approved type PFD. It has already passed through the parliamentary process, very quietly…in other words, they sneaked it in while nobody was paying attention. At this point, I can’t tell you on what evidence the regulation was founded, or what kayaking body, if any, was consulted. We will find out, in time.

Whatever, Freya’s journey will continue!

Hey Freya, love your blog and journey. Totally inspiring. If you have some time, can you share your experience with your GPS, what worked for you, what would be better. It would be great to hear your experience with the device and your recommendations. Thanks for your amazing commitment.


Freya,,well done on the double header, we will now be expecting some photos of your captures on the rest of the journey,lol

Cheers Shorty (yak fisher).


Ah Ho Freya ! Very pleased to know of your support team. Such a huge endeavor always has allies. Prudent and patient choices as to progress. Only you know what feels right. How ever long it takes you will finish this. Stay safe. Allez ! Robert

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