Day 264, Thursday, 08.10.2009


I got up at first light to check the weather – stuck my nose out to the beach, and saw the seas were a bit less and the strong headwind dropped to 5-10kn.


So it was time to get going again! The launch was best a bit around the corner just before the open beach starts, off the rocky gap I was landing in. Due to the now headwind that gap had some surf and was not as protected as when I came in.


I got a push from Greg, and was afloat in the shallow edge of almost unbroken, but foamy water. Then it was time to wait for a decent lull, to lit the flame and off I was through some scary surf. But it went all right! Offshore the water was still quite bumpy when I released my rudder launching string and took off the helmet. I felt like I better kept the PFD on for a while, but luckily the conditions eased a bit over the morning.


There was no other landing possibility within reasonable distance of 40-60 km than going into the wide Wray Bay from Pallinup Beach. I don’t love detours, but there was not much of a choice.


Greg chose the shorter, but ugly 4-wheel drive Pallinup Estuary Road way for coming to the beach, but later learnt from a local lady having holidays in the only tin shack on the beach the longer southern estuary way is the more commonly used one and much easier. He took that one on driving out again.


Landing was easy, and I felt like being on the same beach again as the last three days, as two other young girls came up to me on landing, and showed me their collection of sea shells. They were joined by a dog, and told me they are making holidays with their mom in the tin shack above the beach. Their mom drove up later in an old two-strokes beach car, which sounded like it was close to die.


Soon I saw Greg and the van coming up the beach from the north end. We found a nice parking spot on top of the dune, and I enjoyed a luxurious hair wash with hot water plus blow drying with my new hairdryer with 220 Volts from the generator! Pure outdoor comfort…





Text message from Freya:

34.28 118.54, Pallinup Beach.  6:30 am to 3:00 pm. First easy, then stronger headwinds,had to go in here. Luxurious car camping! Greg is cooking dinner…