Day 265, Friday, 09.10.2009

A huge whale vertebra we found on Pallinup Beach this morning



I kept on pushing today, as it was good conditions but with still some swell going and low headwinds.


Around Cape Knob it was lumpy as hell, as it was a long wide headland with steep cliffs where the rebound action was quite active. Across Dilon Bay it became a bit more quiet, and Point Henry was not too bad. I kept on paddling around the corner into Bremer Bay, where Greg was checking on possible landing beaches.


He told me via VHF he was in Short Beach, and the landing has “some surf” and a “bit of a dumping wave”. When I came closer, I saw only manes of spray on the beach from the wind against the waves, and Greg, climbing on the rocks to the side, wasn’t sure any more as well about if that was a good beach to land when he saw the waves from the side.


So I opted for the next beach only 2 km further into Bremer Bay, where there was a safe fishing harbor. I simply didn’t feel like getting wet tonight!


A fishing boat just came out for the night’s job, when I paddled into the harbor and landed safely on a beach besides the launching ramp. We left the boat on the sand, and drove up to the wide parking lot for a quiet night.




Text message via satellite phone:


34.25 119.24 Fishery Bay in Bremer Bay 60 km 6to17,5 low headwinds, easy paddle all day. Some bumpy headlands, nothing special