Day 267, Sunday, 11.10.2009


It was Sunday, and even in the sheltered campsite the wind was howling around our van. It was pancake with syrup time for breakfast, and I had half of my portion uncooked as raw dough – yummy! 🙂


We fiddled around with gear here and there, I dried out my tent which was packed last time wet, and was typing some updates. Later we decided to go for a walk to the beach where my boat was sleeping all night by herself! We took the fishing rods with us for maybe a nice change in the dinner diet.


The boat was ok, and we took some gear out for drying and checked on some little issues on the spot.




The climb over the sharp edged rocky reef surrounding the beautiful bay got us to a big cliff where Greg set up the fishing rods. I lack of some fish bait we used snails we found on the beach, and it took exactly 10 sec for the first bite of a medium size fish! Not too bad…we caught one more in the open water, but that was it then!



Meanwhile we spotted two whales, probably mom and baby, very close to us and to the beach! We couldn’t believe they got there without notice, and how close they were in the shallows! They obviously were seeking some shelter from the strong winds and rough seas out there as well, and kept on floating quietly right upfront our noses. It wouldn’t have been a problem to throw a fishing line out and to catch them 🙂



We were almost packed with the small prey of two medium size fish only and started to climb back, when Greg saw a school of bigger fish in a small pond between the rocks! My partne, used to deep sea fishing and catching the BIG ones, unpacked the rods and hooks again, and quietly lowered a piece of bait into the pond.


It very strongly reminded me to the German Wilhelm Bush’s story of Max and Moritz fishing the fried chicken off the pan on the stove through Witwe Bolte’s chimney! I had a hard time to hold me back laughing!…and Moritz, sorry, Greg, was successful! 5 sec, and the first fish was pulled out, a rather ugly black looking one. Another 20 sec, and a beautiful colored one was pulled out as well, but Greg said this one was no good eating and threw it back into the water…this was my favorite looking one! He rather kept the very ugly looking one, telling me this is better eating… Fish no. 5 was pulled out, this was enough for a nice dinner for two!


The whales were still in the bay, floating around quietly – do whales sleep in daylight?


We walked back, and found a reasonable spot on the inlet for cleaning and filleting the four fish. It looked quite like a good amount of fillets! It turned out on dinner the ugly looking one was like chewing gum and we threw those already nicely cooked filets away then.


Some more bug bites on my backside and legs through my pants, and I couldn’t really find a quiet sleep without scratching! I urgently needed some itching jelly…



Text message via satellite phone:

no paddling today 40kn forecast not too inviting though following caught some fish instead and watched whales