Day 269, Tuesday, 13.10.2009


The wind dropped down a bit to nicely 10-15kn following, and the tide was higher than last night. All heavy reef breakers were only half the amount and size any more, and paddling out to the east was no big deal.


I had several options for landing spots today, and would take advantage of the perfect conditions. Eventually it was Quagi Beach after 80 km, where Greg had an easy road access to the campsite high on the dunes.


It was the first day for him with no chore in towns, either in Albany, Bremer Bay or Hopetoun, and the first time he arrived on a campsite early and could relax himself a bit!


Paddling conditions stayed perfect and didn’t change much, so Quagi Beach was the spot to go for me and not to push Greg back and forth to one potential landing spot or to another. My estimated arrival time on my GPS stayed at 6pm, and I easily pulled ashore on a quiet narrow sheltered spot after rounding a bit of a reef break.



We left the boat on the beach, and walked up to the campsite which had the luxury of a, outdoor freezing cold water shower! I didn’t mind jumping under it, and had a good long rinse. But Greg was waiting on the campsite with a pot of hot water for warming up again! Thanks for that luxury…he had a shower himself in the afternoon, but with hot water only…chicken! He is just a tropical grown boy…and not a European who is happy about 16 degrees water temperature for a first swim in the ocean!


Being German, I didn’t mind either simply stripping my paddling gear under the public shower, but I knew Australian/ British nudity attitude was different…and I probably put two guys in an embarrassing situation when they came up to the toilet building to fill up their water buckets! They were backing up with a quick “sorry”, but it took only 10 sec and they started to do their jobs and feeling obviously not too uncomfortable with a naked German woman showering in public! Well, I did my best to turn my back towards them until Greg rescued me with two large towels fro drying and wrapping around me.



Text message via satellite phone:

33.49 121.17 Quagi Beach 80km 6to18 long but easy day with moderate seas and following wind