Day 270, Wednesday, 14.10.2009

It was only 50 km to Twilight Bay in Esperance Bay. If I would want to paddle across, it would add another 30km, and I was not up for another 80 km day today. I urgently felt like I needed to jump online, doing e-mails, looking at Google Earth and maybe upload some updates, if there would be any time left on that afternoon.


So I paddled quietly and peacefully around Observatory Point, where Greg was positioned with camera and video. What a beautiful scenery! Esperance Bay is full of islands, all almost inaccessible solid granite rock with few, if any sandy beaches. But the mainland had beaches, with amazing white and fine sand! And I reckon one of the most beautiful ones is Twilight Bay before Esperance town.



I was arriving at 3pm, jumped in the crystal clear and deeply turquoise, but still chilly sea for a quick swim and under the cold freshwater shower afterwards. My attentive support crew had again a pot of hot water ready for heating up! That afternoon I didn’t even need a hair dryer, as it was sunny and lightly windy! A beautiful day!



I had chores to do. Dozens of e-mails were waiting to be read and answered after not having been in mobile phone reach for a while, and I got stuck with some important of them in those few minutes left of the always too short day. No chance to upload any updates besides my trip table. And no chance to reply to the contact wishes of any local press or radio station that early night.


Something else was making me a bad feeling: I was not having any minute of spare time that afternoon to contact any of the local friendly helpful paddlers who love to host me with bed, shower, a nice meal and to help me on shopping and media contacts. Also there is not much need any more now, when I have Greg now as my support crew and our rolling home to stay in. I understand everybody enjoyed this task so far along the way, and I was thankful and grateful and happy to be able to take lots of paddling and non paddling people up for that! Thanks again for everything! Without all those helpful hosts I would have had much more of a hard time to get my chores done the other months. It took me usually quite some time to organize all these offers, mostly via e-mails or phone calls. In return everybody felt they were a part of my trip, and they got kind of “immortal” in one of my blog entries with pictures and stories.


Most people understood when I was not able to stop by all of the helpful offers in the towns I was passing, especially when it would have meant to paddle a detour into bays instead of going direct line or if the weather was fine and I needed to push on. I don’t like to disappoint people. But some need to understand after my long hours on the water I need quite some time for office work, recovery and privacy as well. 


I’m not doing a promotional social round trip with organizing via heaps of friendly meant e-mails and hopeful messages on my answering machine days and nights off of wining and dining or promotional work. The time and online chores pressure I put on myself is immense. The social and the promotional part comes last after maximum paddling, and when my chores are all done.


So I’m very sorry if I couldn’t stop and see everybody who loved to see me. I’m on a mission here on this trip, but everybody is welcome to join my party in Melbourne when I’m done or to see me on longer days off!!!



Text meassage via satellite phone:

33.53 121.49 Twilight Bay/ Esperance 50 km 6to15 easy paddling again into the beautiful scenery of the Esperance archipelago.

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David Fletcher

That big rock/island in the first picture looks like a giant dinosaur skull, how cool! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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