Day 289, Monday, 02.11.2009


The van was shaking all night from the strong wind, despite us parking behind the dunes in the bush. I stuck my nose out of the van for a pee this morning, and was hesitating to get going, wondering if the whipped up sea from the continuous very strong southerly wind was worth the effort getting wet. It was blowing 25 kn due south in the morning.


To avoid getting stranded constantly, I would have to point my bow all the time directly into the wind, and this wouldn’t be much fun and very slow progress. There were lots of reefs to paddle around as well, were the whipped up sea would force me out in a wide berth and would break probably quite funny. I decided this was no good paddling, and it needed to be another weather day off.


We kept ourselves entertained by working on my pre-writing of updates and editing pictures all morning. We went for a drive later, and found a pile of cheapest people’s magazines in an abandoned fisherman’s shed…high quality entertainment for the rest of the day! We indulged into “Home Girls”, heaps of expensive call center phone lines and into discussions of important questions like weather to spit or to swallow :-))

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Your welcome Edda! Thanks for always filling in Freya’s status when she can’t. I hope a part of us all can make Freya’s historical finish one fitting of such an accomplishment!

Go Freya!


Great to see you doing so well Freya! Emerald Rose is following your progress with great enthusiasm. We will raise a toast to you on Wed.!


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