Day 292, Thursday, 05.11.2009

Breakfast on the seaweed to avoid getting drifted backwards

The moon was bright in the second half of the day, and I decided I’d like to give it a pre-dawn start at 3am to avoid the stronger headwind on the second half of the day. Winds were ok with 10-15kn se in the morning, but freshened soon and the day was just a slog. At least it was calm water inside the reef.

But for breakfast at about 7am I prefered to pull up on the weed for a break. I’d rather sat inside the boat to avoid the windchill on my wet pant. Greg was down at the beach on another track, but kicked my ass to keep me going for another couple of hours, meeting him on the next beach track on the map. Ok…

I decided to call it a day at 2pm, and was happy meet Greg who was able to find that next track down to the beach. This was past a fisherman’s camp, where we were able to chat with Helen and Dave about local knowledge and life out there. They had quite a comfortable feeling dog…


Text message from Freya:

31.58 128.17,  Wanteen Camp. 50 km, 3:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

I started in the very dawn of a light night to avoid the forecasted soon upcoing fresh to strong headwinds. Calm water all day around the shore reef, but wind freshened up soon to become quite a slog before I could catch up with Greg again!

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Steve King

I know you have paddled at night often, and sometimes found it too dark to anticipate the waves.
If night conditions were well lit, good moon, clear etc, it is possible that there would be less wind on many (certainly not all) occasions due to diurnal heating issues.
Sun heating the landmass during the day will freshen the breeze.
For your consideration, as you try to squeeze out more kilometres per hour on the water.
Good luck!


Great work Freya – almost the end to Stage 13 and soon to say goodbye to Western Australia

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