Day 293, Friday, 06.11.2009

One more try to beat the upcoming strong heawinds of the day…I launched again in moonlight at 3.30am. But today the wind freshened earlier and stronger, and I gave up in disgust at 9am. 25km only, but better than no progress. Still the landings were easy, and the water was calm. But the headwind is draining!!!

We decided to drive up to the highway and did some chores on the Eucla roadhouse, laundry, shower, a bit of shopping. This was at least the nicest roadhouse on the whole highway!


Text message from Freya:

31.54 128.31. Somewhere on the beach at the end of a bushtrack. 25 km, 3:30a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
I started early again with the first light of the dawn, as even stronger headwinds were forecasted, but pulled out after 5.5 hrs of ugly plugging. At least still easy calm landings in the reef area…f*** this strong easterly headwind!

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Freya you are a true chapion,we have just been missing you ,we set sail april 11 from melbourne on a 10 meter boat to circumnavigate aus; not finished yet had to come back to melbourne forhealth reasons all is good now.Will go back in may to put boat back in water and continue the journey;the boat is in broome may be you would like to join us,keep the good work up ,Iwould like to meet you one day regards gerry


I agree with Tom, if little humans are reading Freya’s blog, they are learning a lot about one woman’s courage and endurance, and the odd letter and 4 ***s shouldn’t matter. Could be a great opportunity to talk to little ones about feelings of fear, frustration,exhaustion, yet just continuing one stroke after another. Besides, after hours of solitary slogging against headwinds, I think I’d be using a lot more expletives than Freya!


Tch Tch Pat it wasn’t an obscenity a letter and 4 ***.. Freya is entitled to express her self I cant recall having seen any other expletives in Freyas previous blog entries.


Great job Freya..

But please your swearing is reaching little humans folowing you on the website…not so nice


Winds look a bit better for the next few days – hope the forecast holds good for you to put in a few easier kilometres

Hi Freya, some days just seem to such a bore don’t they! You did brilliantly on the cliffs. Like Chuck H said you ARE DOING IT. That’s what it is all about!

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