Day 311, Tuesday, 24.11.2009

The launch from Gunyah Beach was wet through moderate surf, but it went all right.


Once out there, I set my GPS on a course towards Cape Carnot, quite an offshore paddling in a direct line. The only entertainment was to count the 32 windmills appearing one after the other out of the hazy day, again and again, until they were all clearly countable in a row… 

I rounded the impressive headlands of Cape Carnot and Cape Wiles, and headed north for 3 km to land in a calm bay with 6 very low surf lines rolling in.


There were some guys surfing on a spot before the beach, but I couldn’t see much of a good wave developing at any time. Good for me, bad for them! A cray fishing boat preferred to spend the night anchoring in a small cove before Fishery Bay, obviously knowing the “Fishery Bay” is now more a tourist spot with people swimming on the beach and surfing. Well, I saw two cars on the beach with two families…this *is* crowded for me and Australian relations!

I put up camp in the quiet left corner, happy to be dry and safe after a long days paddle again. I am feeling quite worn out, and am not really able to do much more than paddling, setting camp, cooking, reading e-mails and sleeping. I didn’t feel like typing any updates any night so far…


Message from Freya via satellite phone:

34.54 135.40, Fishery Bay. 50 km, 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The usual increasing headwind, 32 windmills on cliff edge, scary reef gaps on headlands, surfers in bay…


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You are doing such an inspirational job Freya, wonderful. Interesting to see your position on risk taking in the last stages, well done for thinking about it & making good decisions! Like ‘summit fever’ on a mountain, the very thing that gives us the internal drive to keep going when others give up – real strength – can also cloud our judgement in good decision making & enable us to take one risk too many & put us in personal danger. You’ve been brilliant at making informed decisions for nearly a year on this trip in conditions that would have blown away many others. Keep up the same style – you will win this!! Cheers, Graeme.


Getting so close tp the first of those gulf crossings Freya…and you’ll handle them as you’ve handled everything else in your path

Never again will I be able to give up on something because it is ‘too hard’. I’ll always now think of Freya’s determination, and know that I must continue. You’re changing us all by your example Freya.

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