Day 312, Wednesday, 25.11.2009

Sorry, not much to say about this day either. Like everyday’s slog, it was a headwind day again. No need and energy to go further, as I have to go via Wedge Island and Althorpe Island anyway.

I chatted to one of the three anchoring crayboats in the bay before I landed, asking them if they do have their own catch for dinner, maybe in the hope to get a bite 🙂

They said they can’t afford eating the crayfish thmselves. They’re getting 50 $ per kilo when they sell them. They put them alive in tanks on the boat, and they are getting then shippped alive directly to China. Obviously there are some people who can afford to eat them for probably 100$ per kilo then!


Text message from Freya:

35.01 135.58, Williams Island. 30 km, 7.30 to 4:00 p.m. I’m so sick of these headwinds everyday…15 to 20 knots again. Enough for today. Wedge Island, Althorp Island next. Three fishing boats anchoring in my bay, can’t swim naked! 🙁

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Seems your finding it an endless long slog… and how terrible those encounters with the locals…

keep on slogging, its soon over! And hats of for that! Hope its worth it.

Chuck H

Don’t know if I’d want to swim anywhere around there, regardless of clothing. Did you see the Google Earth photo link a bit due east from Williams Island? Not my idea of a charming swimming companion!

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